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    you name it, jack of all trades, love fine woodworking and collecting rare and beautiful coins and even uniquely colored diamonds
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  1. I am at a point in my life where it is time to start giving as much to the young collectors among us as was given to me by numerous senior numismatists and dealers when I was a boy, so here's the deal: All young numismatists below the age of 14 are invited to post, as a reply on this topic, a 500 word essay dealing with their favorite rare U.S. coin minted prior to 1892, which I personally consider the classic era and find the most interesting. The essay should describe something important historically or technically about the coin, why you chose it over all others, and how it relates to the times it was minted in. The theme can be political, personal, historical, etc. It must be completed without adult help of supervision and must be accurate to win a coin, and it must be about a specific issue, as in 1859 Indian head cent or 1864 seated liberty half, etc. References used in your study should be included below the essay. A parent or guardian must contact me personally to arrange shipment of the prize. I will run this contest monthly and will allow the readers here to vote on their favorites but I will reserve the right to pick the best essay for the month. I will pick the best essay on the last day of the month. The winner will receive a coin worth somewhere in the $20 to $50 range and I will consider requests for a specific type and honor them if I have a suitable coin to send. I think children and young adults are the most creative among us. Show us your passion for the coins you like the most, we're eager to hear it! As I am new to the NGC site, if there is a better forum to place this in, please advise. If you want to spread this message far and wide, I would like to get the word out and appreciate anyone who does so. Thank you and good luck, hope to see some good articles!