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Testing an idea that Muhammed gave me



Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/252830205616

Testing out something new.  Trying to add a link to a coin I bought.

RMW, if you see this then it worked. 

This is a 1936 six pence.  Nothing special,  I'm just trying something new.



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Here is another tip, if you want to get someone specific to read your comment put the @ followed by their username. For example if you wanted to get my attention on a journal you posted, you could say @Muhammed =], this tags me to the post and will be more likely get a response. Try it in your original message and put @ before putting RMW

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16 hours ago, KING OF ENGLAND said:

Wow, thank you again.  That is a neat little trick.  I will be sure to try it next time.  Are you a collector or are you an NGC tech person?  Either way you're good.

I am glad you are finding it helpful. (thumbsu Yes, I'm with NGC. You can identify other people like me because posts from administrators are styled differently. 

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Hi  King

Your thing worked about getting it to me.

I dont think any of the coins you show here would fit what you want. The best ones I looked at looked EF/AU to me.

Keep trying though.

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