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RMW, would you be willing to check my work?




So, I'm trying to use your formula you taught me. And I was wondering if you would be willing to check my work?

I was looking at a 1940 six pence on ebay. The item # is 122382859421. 

The surface looks great, but it has zero luster, and the eye appeal is nothe there. But like most post 1900 coins it has a fine strike.

So, with 2 of the 4 bases covered, do you think a coin like this would come out a 65?

If you get time please take a look and tell me if I'm understanding things a little better. 




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Hi King

Can you  post here a picture of the front and back? Surface quality is key but there are a lot of coins on ebay that arent quite as described. Having said that I cant comment on this one yet.


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I could not find your piece but here is something similar in my collection so you can see if yours is comparable.

Here is a 1952 sixpence. Was bought raw and came out as a 66. This is what you want to try to get re quality. There will be a lot of raw uncirculated sixpences out there of George VI so try to evaluate each component that I mentioned. Eye appeal for these would be critical.

1952 sixpence, obverse.JPG

1952 sixpence, reverse.JPG

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I can't add a pic from the actual listing. I'm just not that tech savvy.  I'm lucky to just navigate around in here. But I can say that after looking at your example I really don't think the one I was looking at on eBay is a good buy.  It was, from what I could see, almost flawless on its surface but it was completely cloudy too. Nothing like your example (shinny).

Ok, I really think I'm getting somewhere here.  I think I just need better selection to choose from.  Armed with my new eyes, I think I'm finding that most of my problems are in the fact that I'm doing 100% of my shopping on ebay.

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Thanks for your comment on the farthing.

The dealers have a saying "dont buy the holder, buy the coin". the idea is to try to get pieces with high grades but just as important if not more so, buy attractive pieces.

Graders are not infallable. a lot of pieces are overgraded and some are undergraded. So I wouldnt necessarily get hung up on the assigned grade. Try to get the best quality and attractiveness that you can.

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17 hours ago, KING OF ENGLAND said:

I can't add a pic from the actual listing. I'm just not that tech savvy.  I'm lucky to just navigate around in here.

Hi there, I noticed you mentioned having trouble uploading a picture. When you click on "Add a comment" on the bottom, you should be able to see the button to attach a file.

If you would like to take an image of the browser, like eBay for example, I would follow the steps at http://www.wikihow.com/Use-the-"Print-Screen"-Function-on-a-Keyboard first, save the image then attach the image to this post as described above.

uploading image.png

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