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Does anyone know what is a fair price for this



Hello everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone would know what is a fair price for this 1885 Florin?





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The Heritage Auctions (ha.com)website has an archive of 1885 Florins sold thru its auction. mcsearch has records of sales at multiple auction houses.

It seems that 1885 florins in Ms 63 if original and undipped can go for as much as $500 or so per Heritage. I don't know if yours is original or not. Cant tell. If it isn't it would go for less.

The full retail price in Unc is more than that.

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Wouldn't NGC have kicked it back to me if it wasn't original?  Just the fact that they graded it doesn't prove that it's original?  Now I'm really confused. 

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First of all, it is a nice looking coin. 

Mintage was 2,182,968 so it does not seem to be a rare coin. That said, I had a look at the DNW and London Coins auction archives in the UK and this date does not come up for auction very often. And your coin is nicer than any of the other examples I saw on those sites. 

I also had a look at the Heritage database and could only find three that were auctioned in the last 5 years. However, despite the apparent scarcity, their prices were not as strong as I might have expected.

My guesstimate is that the value of your coin is somewhere between $250 and $350 and maybe closer to the upper figure given that it does not come up for auction all that often and that might attract florin collectors.

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