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  1. Probably half my collection is in 'raw' and will never get graded. Most of those were bought in different times when I had a lot more trust in vendors and especially auction houses. I send in relatively few coins now because all the ones I wanted to have graded have been. I do enjoy showing my coins on here and the 'competition' spurs me to make my collection better and more complete rather than to try to 'beat' another collector. However, I won't buy a 64 to improve a 63 but I will buy a 65 to improve a 62. I'm also a sucker for a deal and if I can spot a nice coin going cheap in auction then I will often bid on it even if it's a duplicate or not central to my collection. I have also sold duplicate coins to another collector who is in 'competition' with me on one particular series. 'Beating' him in the rankings is not all that important to me but having a good relationship with another collector is.
  2. Thanks Ali I'm surprised at the reduction in scores. With the exception of the 1703 Vigo, NGC has slabbed relatively few of these coins and especially in MS grades.
  3. Why are the scores for Queen Anne sixpences all being reduced? Also, why has my 1703 Vigo sixpence MS63 been removed and now the system says it isn't valid for the slot?
  4. Welcome back, and keep battling. Prayers are with you!
  5. Why is it that an UNC Details (due to a couple of light scratches) scores so much less than a coin that is graded F12 despite the fact that the UNC Details is, overall, in far better condition than the F12? An example would be the 1893 Jubilee Head sixpences in the Sixpence, Victoria, 1838-1901, Circulation Issue set.
  6. Thanks. Still have some key gaps and key upgrades to find. I'd like to complete the type set and complete Victoria. The problem is threefold. That the coins become available, that the quality is there and what they cost. Rather than die numbers, I have tended to go for varieties (per Davies). But that does explain your different Victoria sets. Don't know much about Napoleon other than Waterloo. Doing a bit of George V collecting at the moment. When I was growing up it was quite common to have George V coins in our change so, in my early days of collecting, I tended to ignore his reign as too 'modern'.
  7. Put simply, I have been spending a lot less these last few months (restaurants, travel, etc.) and that has freed up some funds for purchases. That said, I take a long view of prices and value. Having started collecting in the 1980s, some of my 'expensive' purchases then are worth a lot more now; not that I have any intention of selling. The other problem is that I don't have too many gaps left so, when desirable coins become available, I'm more inclined to 'splash the cash'. The same is true of key upgrades. Looking to expand my collection into a couple of other areas and have my eye on a type set and plan to 'raid' an auction or two for that one.
  8. Email sent. Thanks for your help.
  9. I have recently acquired a Great Britain 1887 6p. The coin has been described by NGC as Jubilee Head & Wreath where it is, in fact, a Jubilee Head and Shield (withdrawn type). What is the process for getting this error rectified?
  10. Picked up a nice 1717 sixpence (raw) at the Spink NY auction and a nice 1819 sixpence (MS65) at Heritage yesterday.
  11. What is the difference between: "Best in Category" and "NGC Best in Category" ?
  12. I read your awful news a couple of hours ago and, to be quite honest, I'm a bit lost for words. I have admired your collection for some time as well as your passion for quality. As a collector of British coins, I know how unique some of them are. I can only hope that whoever acquires your pieces will have the same appreciation for them as you do. Please know that my thoughts are with you and your family. Charles
  13. I had a similar situation. Is there any way to find out what happened?
  14. I have four coins that are ex: Willis (Glendining's, 10/7/91). They are all sixpences, 1845 (MS65), 1869 (MS64), 1876 (MS64) and 1879 (MS64). I bought them at the auction but sent them into NGC just last year. I have one ex: Newman (1892 sixpence, MS63) and one ex: Ernst Otto Horn (1824 sixpence, MS65). I make a point of recording provenance on my database and have coins from other named collections such as Bole and Bursell. Not sure what constitutes "well known".