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Adding New Coin Detail

Eagles Nest


I finally got a couple of new coins to add to my sets and everything changed! I like being able to add NGC pictures but when I tried to add the coin details, when and how much I paid  for the coin I could not find the link. The link to edit next to the pictures is just for the description. I tried calling NGC buy they were backlogged. Any information would be helpful. 




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I think this has come up before I and don't think they have those options / functions in the new registry. I also don't think they have the collection manager in the new registry.

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The edit features you seek are still available using the collection manager.  From you Control Panel hover your mouse over the "My Collection" tab.  On the drop down menu, click on "Collection Manager".  Find the coin you want to edit from the list and click on "Edit" to make changes or add information.


Whidbey Island Collection.


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They really should stop forcing people to go to the new registry.  In my opinon it is hard to view.  Everything is HUGE and more picture focused.  Some of my collections require me to cross 3-4 pages just to view the set that existed as 1 page before.  Very very annoying.

Tons of people don't even have pictures on their sets. Was it optimized for tablets or something?  Both options should be kept. NGC can afford it.

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8 hours ago, Ultra Cameo Collection said:

They really should stop forcing people to go to the new registry. 

Tons of people don't even have pictures on their sets. Was it optimized for tablets or something?  Both options should be kept. NGC can afford it.

I suspect it has more to do with branding, marketing and outreach than cost. 

The New system is modern and pretty and it looks and works the way people (and younger people) are going to expect it to look. The old registry is about 20 years old... and it looks like it. It looks like the internet equivalent of an antique. That is not what NGC wants because it is going to look less attractive to people and it makes it look like they aren't investing to keep up with the times.

I'm sure the new ANA registry will be modeled on the new registry and they didn't sell the ANA on. "Hey, let's plug you into this 20 year old system." (shrug)

I like the old system. I'll miss it. They can't afford to not update with time. 

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I like the old system too! I wish they would give us a choice as to which one we would like to use! Everything was right there for you! I mostly use my phone to surf through the pages which makes it kinda difficult  to see everything now! It is made I think for a desktop format! Oh well... 

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Been here almost 20 years. You have to go with the flow. Spent last week getting use to the new registry and it is a struggle but once you figure everything out it works well.

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I have been here for a goodly period of time and am about to turn 61 and collecting more than 50 of those years.  I like the pictures of the new system as it feels like a virtual Whitman / Dansco album.  That said, in a prior time, I worked my way through school as a freelance photographer.  I had an infuriating time trying to learn how to crop a circular coin.  When ever I searched the web on how to crop a circle from a photo I would windup in crazy-town with "Crop Circles and UFO's".  But now that I have figured how to crop a circular image (coin), I really enjoy the posting and reviewing of my photos.  I miss some of the functions of the old system like the data on cost, purchase location... but maybe they will bring them back in an update.

Two things:  1) the how to enter coin data is only in the old control panel not the new and 2) NGC may be the new ANA registry either that or the ANA is stunningly slow.

My two cents and a recent photo,



1877 20c PCGS Proof 63 OAAA.jpg

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