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Eagles Nest


Has anyone had any luck crossing over ANACS coins to NGC leaving them in the slab or cracking them out? Just curious.



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They will be treated as raw coins, since NGC only crosses PCGS coins. Whether there is any benefit in leaving them in the slab is a matter of opinion. Some think it gives the submitter an advantage, others feel the opposite.

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I have submitted a few ANACS coins in the original slabs.  Most have graded a point lower at NGC - an ANACS MS-64 came back NGC MS-63, and three 65s came back 64s.  A couple came back with the same grade, and one jumped up from VF-30 to XF-45. None have come back details graded so far.  I have never cracked one out for submittal.  

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I have submitted both ways to NGC and my experience has always been a lower grade and often times a return as not eligible for crossover when they are still in the holder. I have had better luck cracking them out and sending in as a raw coin. The grade outcome is about the same meaning they always come back from NGC with a lower grade, sometimes very disappointing outcome. I do it because my personal preference is true grades from NGC. Since I always buy the coin and not the holder I accept the grade given by NGC.  

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It might depend on the kind of coin.

They seem to be under grading old Islamic gold.  I have cracked out several dinars from ANACS holders and sent in as raw to NGC and they always come back higher, sometimes by a lot.

I pasted some ANACS to NGC ones I've had come back.  I always just broke them out and sent as raw.  



walid 2.png

722 yazid o.jpg


1249-1259 seljuk ob.jpg


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I've submitted several coins in their ANACS holders. All have crossed at the same grade or one grade higher.

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