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Rare "W" mint mark park quarters????

Six Mile Rick



 At the beginning of the year the excitement builds as the first 2019 "W" quarter hunt starts. Huge high bids roll out

as the first hit the auction blocks. With the year almost at the end the 5th "W" coin has not hit the streets yet.

 Just for fun I decided to go into the NGC research and check the census report on these rarities.

Rarities --- Not even by a long shot!!!!

 Truth is there are so many graded this year by NGC only that I can honestly figure that NGC will make over $500,000 in the

total "W" 2019  parks quarters graded by the end of this year. So far to date this year 19,662 - 2019 "W" mint mark quarters have been graded.

The HUNT as it is called was well played by the mint and the grading companies as well. The "W" mint parks quarters are no rarity at all and

plentiful in MS67 slabs already graded.





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3 hours ago, Just Bob said:

I would add, "well played by the coin flippers," also.

Agreed with both of you. But people knew they were coming and when. And 2,000,000 minted per coin is not a recipe for a true rarity. That's plenty to satisfy demand, when you consider that, even amongst avid collectors, only a few will want them bad enough to pay high premiums.

I feel like PCGS did more to drum this up than NGC, but maybe I'm biased.

I really can't hold it against them for taking the fees from the flippers. It's how they pay their bills, which means, ultimately, it helps keep this place running and free for us to use.

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I just never understood the need to go crazy over any modern coin that has a high mintage even in the PF/MS -70's  to pay such high prices only to see the value go down in a short period of time. To me its like the beanie baby craze some years back when people were paying thousands of dollars for on little stuff colorful animal    

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The 2019 S "Enhanced" Silver Eagle is at resale prices of almost $3,000. A $70.00 coin? 30,000 mintage.....That's a joke. I have silver coins with only 500 to 1000 mintage, and nowhere near that price. Being first to own one is a premium, but how greedy are we getting? West Point adds an "S", and the hobby has to be held hostage.

P.S. Dealers are advertising multiples already, and the limit is 1 per household? I will be looking for a specific label also. 

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