It's time to add a new screen to your old computers.

Six Mile Rick


Hey Guys and Gals,

My son came over today and had a 36" T V with him. Up to my office he scrambled and started an attack on my old Dell computer. W.T.H. are you doing with my perfect running computer I asked.

It took a while and some old school hook up lines that worked well with new school devices ( the T-V). 

 I now have monster sized coin pics to view that are so awesome!!

 So Cool!!!  

Man, I love that son of mine --- He's Awesome!!!

You know I had to add a pic to this post just to enjoy the huge view! :)



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Very nice Rick! It's always great to have tech support in the life partner is working on her PhD in Computer Science, and she's definitely helped me out of some jams!! Enjoy the new setup my friend, and go get a nice dinner with your's a great way to both say thanks and to hang out with him!


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That is all a bit odd because the resolution of a computer monitor is many times that of a TV.   The size of the TV is larger but the resolution lower (bigger image but less data/pixels.)

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