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May was a great month for coins

Six Mile Rick



I was able to get a nice group of additions to my sets in May.

Great Collections offered many top end coins from Centurion Collection. Although some bids  were quite high I was ale to get a few.

I did miss out on getting a Georgia-P quarter. There were 3 of them i MS68 slabs and I missed all  3 of them. Very pleased with the state

quarters I did win last month which put my top pop totals to 55 for that set.

Well till next time ----- Happy Collecting!!!




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Six Mile Rick - Funny you should mention May as a good month...I haven't been procuring coins for my Roman Empire collection at a fast rate lately...however...I did manage to procure two specimens in May auctions, both representing historical figures on my wish list for quite some time.

I wont say more about them yet, until I confirm grading and can post at least some preliminary research!

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With such a great and fun hobby --- who needs a bank account anyway??  ^^^^^^

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I didn't buy any coins in May, but I did score 4 complete five piece sets of food stamp tokens and a partial 3 piece set, plus  4 "good for" tokens, all 4 of which are scarce to rare.

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