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What an addition to my CBH set 1824/21 O-102. R5+

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This one is tougher then hens teeth. I am really happy to be able to add this coin to my CBH set. I was able to purchase this coin from a true CBHN.

The 1824/21 comes in 2 varieties, the Overton 101, which is an R2 coin. and the Overton 102 which is an R5+ coin.

According to Edgar Souders, he writes in his book Bust Half Fever: "The 1824/21, O-102 is rare in ANY GRADE. The 1824/21, O-102 is in a class of its own and rare in any grade from AG-3 up!" And he goes on to write in his RAG : "There are approximately thirty O-102's known in all grades. Very Elusive"

Well...boy-o-boy, am I lucky to have been able to acquire one of these little ladies.

1824/21 O-102



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That's a nice looking coin and there would have been no reason to pass on it, aside from a money standpoint, upon it being offered. Good pickup.

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Very nice pickup! :applause:


Would it be possible to get a close-up of the date so those of us who have never seen one could see it? If so, thank you!

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Great pickup JRocco. I have the 3rd edition of overton's EHDDV and it only says hard to identify obverse, especially worn. What book can I get that would have a more definitive explanation with which to identify such a coin. I had thought that this was the master CBH Bible, but evidently not. Thanks and again great buy.

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Thanks guys.

Hey Jim, the 1824/21 O-102 is a later die marriage than the 101 and the overdate is really hard to see, if at all. This is one of those varieties that sometimes can only be seen in-hand. On a real 1824/21 the top of the underlying 1 shows on the left and right of the top of the 4. A couple of pick-up-points (PUPS) are:

The base of the 2 and the nose of the 4 nearly touch

The top arrowhead appears to "fall away" from the A in AMERICA

There is a small die dot between the scroll and the eagles head under the left upright of the U in PLURIBUS (I added a circle to help)




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...great presentation of the key diagnostics of this rare die marriage.






Hi Ed, It is great to see you post here. Your knowledge of the CBH series is frightful. I could count on one hand the numismatists that share your knowledge in this series.

For my friends on this board that don't know Ed, Ed not only collects CBH's by Overton varieties, he collected CBH's by die state also, talk about opening a door and entering another dimension.

Ed was the CBHN that let me pull this true rarity out from his collection and add it to mine.

Thanks Ed and Welcome.

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