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What are the 3 ugliest coin designs by the US Mint?

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Since we're looking for folk's opinions on the 3 best, how about the 3 worst? My post on the '3 Best' post inspired this one:


1: SBA Dollar

2: Booby Head Large Cent

3. New Hampshire Quarter



Given the wide range of everyone's opinions and coin collecting bent, this ought to prove interesting... smile.gif

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TDN... I was wondering how long it would take you to see that! smile.gif


Trade Dollar ----- Lady sitting on the !^&%# (John)! wink.gif


Always figured it was some hidden message to are trading partners! blush.gif


mercs..... fishing lures

tradedollars.......crapper coins!



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The Anthony dollar would have to be first, followed by the Ike dollar. I'll have to think a while longer to decide what #3 is.Maybe a tie between Classic head gold and Matron head cents, maybe?

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1) Ike Dollar

2) SBA Dollar

3) Sac Dollar


HOLY SMOKES ... NO WONDER the mint can't get dollar coins to circulate !!!! shocked.gif


Also ugly, but I love them: Chain Cents




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I think "she" was actually a bald guy wearing a wig and dressed in drag.


That is too funny !!! Thanks Boiler!!!!!


Yeah I forgot to rail against dead bald ugly men. What do you think will result in a finer work of art, an artist's depiction of the magnificent ideal of Liberty embodied in the form of a woman, or an ugly old politician. No offense to our beloved national heroes; I revere Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Franklin for the men they were, but I wouldn't want to look at them all day !!


Please bring back Liberty !!!! What's better, SLQ's, Walkers, Saints, Gobrechts; or Franklin halves (YUCK !!) etc. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if artists used some classical technique and rendered engravings with fine detail (like Gobrecht's flying eagle !!!). And of course the mint is too lazy and cheap to strike anything with DETAIL or RELIEF. Our current coinage really sucks !!! Teddy R. and Augustus St.G., where are you !!!!




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IMHO, I believe that the following coins are the ugliest:


Ike's (the Commem. was a much nicer coin).

Booby head coins.

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I forgot about the Shriver coin. Funny thing, Eunice's daughter Maria Shriver was an attractive woman (or at least she was when she was on TV every day), and Eunice's nephew JFK Jr. was voted "Sexiest Man Alive," but Eunice- at least on the coin-- looks like you-know-what-- she looks like she's 99 years old! Ugh! (Why at least couldn't they have made her look younger)?

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Dave - 1. IKE and SBA. Tie because same model used.


Nothing could be more true! (I laughed for a long while over that one and I had had a similar thought).


So, regular-ish issues:

1) SBA/Ike

2) Matron head cents

3) Stellas and Franklin halfs - an issue identical to the one mentioned above.



1) 1984 Olympic coins; Olympic coins in general shocked.gif

2) Jackie Robinson $5

3) 1936 Bridgeport 50 cents



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The reason the matron head cent is so ugly shocked.gif is because she has been dead for a long time. frown.gif Maybe even before she modeled for it, Tee Hee grin.gif

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Here are my 3:


+SBA's (Looks whole lot worse than $1/4)

+Ike's (Too big)

+Golden Dollar's (They should have called them Brass Dollars instead)



Sorry if I offended anyone...

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Very new to collecting so my opinions are first impressions of coins.


1) Flowing Hair Dollar

2) Draped Bust Dollar

3) Capped Bust Quarters


No offense but to me the lady is just Woof!

She is a little too "manly."

Seeing her would definitely make me hide behind my mom if I was younger...





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