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I'm trying!-)

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hi ! I'm new to this fourm as well and will be trying to upload and post pic. as well in the near furture. It's good to know that I'm not the only one who will going through this learning procress.

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Coin Collection


Qty Year Denomination Notes


1879 One Dollar coin Us

1883 One Dollar coin Us

1884 One Dollar coin Us "O"

1884 One Dollar coin Us

1886 One Dollar coin Us

1887 One Dollar coin Us "S"

1896 One Dollar coin Us "O"

1923 One Dollar coin Us

1897 One Dollar coin Us

1921 One Dollar coin Us "S"

2 1924 One Dollar coin Us

1963 One Dollar coin Canada "S"

1966 One Dollar coin Canada

2 1971 One Dollar coin Us "D"

4 1972 One Dollar coin Us

1974 One Dollar coin Us

1976 One Dollar coin Us


1894 50 cent us

1972 50 cent us


1897 Quarter Us

1914 Quarter Us

1915 Quarter Us

1927 Quarter Us

1963 Quarter Us

1964 Quarter Us

1965 Quarter Canada


1909 Nickel Us

1910 Nickel Us

1911 Nickel Us

1912 Nickel Us

1920 Nickel Us

? Nickel buffalo Us Cannot read date

1935 Nickel Us

1944 Five centavos us filipinas written on it with a shield on the other side


1907 Dime Us



1937 Dime US "D"

1941 Dime Us "S"

1945 Dime Us


1881 One cent US

1903 One cent US EXCELLENT

3 1908 One cent US

1918 One cent US

1924 One cent US

1929 One cent US


1915 One cent Canada

1927 one penny Large ? georgivs v dei gra-britt-omn-rex-fid-def-ind-imp

1976 10 Dollar Canada Olympic

I have at least 40-50 more pieces of pennies both american and canadian ranging from

dates 1900-1960

This is the short list of coins I got. If they are not interesting just tell me and I'll go away. (Hey! At least I've done this much)

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Your doing fine. What does the other side of them coins look like?


How bout a close up of the Peace Dollar and the 1884 Morgan smile.gif


Any CC mint marks?

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use the IMG code on photobucket...(the third option)


Like dave says, the third option below your pic in photobucket. Click that one, right click and copy, then paste it in your post. It will automatically put the codes in for you. Welcome hi.gif

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