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TNA Show Update - Pics added D/U beware!!

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Well first of all I had fun. I met Bruce and we talked awhile. He showed me his Very Nice Washington set, killer toned Morgan, and some other very nice coins. He went on his way to scout out some major priced washingtons while I ventured my way for the cheaper stuff. Oh yea, he did give me a nice 1913 Ty1 Buffalo that I needed for my album. Thanks again Bruce thumbsup2.gif!! First of all I just walked around checking the probably 100 dealers out. Very nice gold cloud9.gif, EAC, you name it, it was there. First of all I picked up 4 common buffs for my album. Then I picked up a G 1932 washington for $5. I picked up 4 PR69 jeffersons for registry, 78s,79s,95s, & 96s, all for $48. I picked up 1885-O PCGS MS63 Morgan for $33. I also collect uncir SAE's and got me a 2000 & 2001. Nicest one's of his bunch I seen anyway for $16 ea. I caught Bruce again and we got to looking at some Dansco albums "With Coins". Bruce got him a few dansco sheets with some nice washingtons in it. I was looking a Lincoln set. 1909-1991. From 39' and up, almost all holes filled. This one held the proofs also. It was missing the slot for the 55' DDO tho'. Go figure 27_laughing.gif. From 1909-34' it had 40 of the 72 slots there. I also picked up about 8 more lincolns to fill some more of the holes. Thanks to Bruce's advice, I decided to buy the album at a nice price of $40. Yea it was missing the VDB 09s too. frown.gif I had Heritage checkout my 1965 MS67 jefferson and they liked it. Said it had one small nic on the chin that worried him in crossing, but that he had a positive attitude about it. PCGS's 65' sold thru them for $6300.00. He did advise me to hang on to it for sure. I also met Anaconda Coins, WOW, what Morgans they have cloud9.gif! Very nice guy. I'll have some pics later. I also met another person here on the forum that was talking to Bruce and I am so bad with names, I apologize to you I met. All in all, a great time, and I enjoyed myself very much. Very pleased with the coins I purchased thumbsup2.gif893applaud-thumb.gif


Oh yea, for my lovely wife letting me go, I bought her a 2007 Panda which she collects, and also bought a 64'proof set and birthyear frame for her birthyear of course. thumbsup2.gif


Here's me and Bruce!


Forgot name!! Sorry!




My SAE's!


My Morgan!



My $40 Lincoln album!








My washington!


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Very nice report Bobby, enjoyed reading your adventure today. Always nice to find someone you recognize at one of these functions, makes the experience even more pleasurable.


Sounds like you did very well today...and the Panda for the wife was extra special.



1885-O PCGS MS63 Morgan... $33


Album of Lincolns.... $40


Remembering family members...priceless.

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Bruce doesn't look nearly as excited to be there as you do 27_laughing.gif


Not bad on the Lincoln album

Thanks Chad. Bruce was ok. He was bound and determined to try to find someone there that had alot of washingtons. Just wasn't no one there that had any type of varieties for him to choose from.

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Thank you for the report on the show. Sounds like a pretty good time overall. Nice to see Bruce as well I imagine. Like the Morgan you aqcuired and congrats on the Lincolns and other new pieces. Looking forward to other pics in the future on these. Good news on the 65 Jefferson too.





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Nice report Bobby. I really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures. Post more if you have 'em. Next time you see Bruce, tell him to put a smile on that mug. grin.gif It was nice to see that you had a good time and had a couple of good pickups. From the pictures, it appears to have been a fairly large show. thumbsup2.gif

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It kinda funny Bobby, I also get my wife panda's. Anything with cute animals that shine makes a good "thanks for letting go" gift.


Nice pickups too!

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You forgot my name? After I told it to you? With tears in my eyes?

27_laughing.gif I know, sorry david. You didn't stick around very long to chat, That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. 27_laughing.gif Nice meeting you!!

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Good report Bobby, thanks for telling us about the show and posting pictures.


Those are some fun looking Lincolns you got there! 893applaud-thumb.gif Nice pickup.

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I was there the same time. Sorry I didn't meet up with you guys. I was the bald, fat, white guy. (That narrows the list, doesn't it? 27_laughing.gif)


Here is the only coin I picked up. Not great, but a die marriage I didn't have.



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