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Silver certificates with coin images

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How many banknotes that can be redeemable in silver (or gold) have pictures of coins on them?


Here are some that I've found:









I've found several different 1949 China notes showing the junk dollar. I've also seen a US one with an assortment of coins on the back but don't remember which issue it was.


Do you know of any others? Do you like these types of notes?

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How much do you want for the five ? I've got a customer that would kill for this note in this grade.....



My apologies, I should have been clear, these are not my images or notes. I'm just starting to look into this area and doing research.


The 1886 image is from USRareCurrency.com and they have a sale pending for it. I resized it a while back for another forum post and included the link previously but forgot this time.


The other images are from ebay auctions.

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the $5 silver certificate with the Morgan dollar on the back is a well known collectors item and highly priced accordingly.

there are several other notes with coins on them

I believe there are national bank notes/gold certificates ? brown backs that have pictures of gold coins and there are also a few obsolete bank notes that have coins pictured on them.

I've always wanted one of those $5 silver certificates because it's got my picture on it 27_laughing.gif

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