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what are your coin goals???

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i see many have quite an interest on coins, many different perspectives and well other considerations as to

their reasons for pursueing little pieces of stamped round metal.


now what are your collecting goals? in other words why do you do this coin thing???????? really no right

or wrong answers............. only what

you want to do!!


maybe purely for making as much money as you can selling to others maybe you want to have

a set of coins that really pleases you and you are having fun doing it? maybe finding and selling the coins

that collectors want for their sets??



where do you see yourself in this coin game say in 3 to 5 years? will you be a dealer? will you have

a great set of coins based on your collecting interests? or something different?


where do you see yourself in coins say in the next 3 to 5 years??


sincerely michael

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Short term goal: Sell off all my inventory that has been sitting around for a long time. I've been too lazy to sell most of it. The expensive coins get sold rather fast, but the low priced raw stuff sits around for a LONG time.


My collection: Find a few more coins to fit in it over the next year.

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"REWARDS"?-- for collecting??? Screw the price!!! If I can spend twenty bucks for some "little pieces of stamped round metal", and walk away with a life-long friendship, MAN OH MAN!!!-- that's priceless!!! Thank God there's millions! of us!!!


Yeah, I think we would all! love to be the second! Eliasberg, with our collections, but the sad reality is-- it ain't gonna happen!!! At least, not any time soon...!!!


Sure, profit is a generalized concern, especially when laying out many! dollars for a coin with the stated value far less than what we just paid it...!!! I'm just tickled to get my! 'investment' back, when I sell a coin, with the hopes! that the encounter will be reason enough to count one more friend!!! smile.gif

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ahem... now that I'm off'a my soap-box... (sheepish grin)..


Goals??? First-- and foremost!-- is to teach my son just SOME! of the true values of collecting!!! Things like care, preservation, study-- habits that carry over into our daily lives...!!!


Profit??? Hardly, when you look at the stuff I have bought over the years... sure, we've probably all! got some 'choice' pieces in our collections that others would probably "if I can just sell the car..."!!! smirk.gif


3-5 years??? How's about 30- 50...???!!! Man, this is a way of LIFE!-- not a Saturday night, "one-night-stand"...!!! blush.gif

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in the coming year, I would like to:


complete my Morgan set;


complete the upgrading of my Peace dollar set;


complete my first pass at Lincoln cents (no mystery in what's missing), and then concentrate on upgrading;


complete my V Nickel set;


complete my Walker set, and then work on upgrading;


complete the first phase on my Buffalo set, and then work on upgrading.


In between, I'll make some progress on my "higher quality" Washington set and bring some order to the Merc's and Roosevelts.


This past year, I managed to:


Put together a complete and very snappy set of Ike's;


Put together an MS63 Franklin collection;


Put a big dent in Indian cents and Buffalo nickel collections;


make huge progress on the Morgans


I do not see making much progress on Standing Liberty quarters, liberty head dimes, quarters and halves. Too much else to do.


Most importantly, I need to get my wife up to speed in case I walk out in front of a truck. She needs to know and understand the collection and what to do if she has to make a tough decision.

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Excellent post, Michael!


Are you the same Michael who posts gorgeous images of coins in the "Eastern Collection"? Oh yeah, you must be, because I still see that silly "If I just sell the car, I can up my bid" business next to your name. I told you twice already - if you give me some of those pretty coins, I'll try to get NGC to get rid of that title!


In answer to your question - I am a dealer but I still have goals.


I want to continue to locate and place great coins in the collections of our clients who seek them.


I want to help educate collectors and newbies because I believe that is of great importance to our hobby.


I want to impart knowledge and market information to those who need/want it so that they are unlikely or less likely to be taken advantage of by scam artists on Ebay, telemarketers, etc.


I want to continue to make the aquaintenance of new clients because it is good for business but it is also often highly enjoyable.


I want to locate a few incredibly beautiful, properly graded, inexpensive coins at fair prices for myself. That was FOR MYSELF, MICHAEL NOT FOR YOU. shocked.gif

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In a few years I would like to be half-way in my Morgan dollar collection. I only have 8 of the hundred or so coins in the set so I have a ways to go. But I am not just filling holes, Ihave to like the coin also.

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If I told you, I'd have to kill you! wink.gif


Actually, my goal is to complete a type set somewhat like Braddick's - except instead of lowest grade, my goal is lowest points per dollar (while still trying to get value in my purchases).


See the Legend Rarities type set

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Finished one goal yesterday with the purchase of a G+++ 21-D Walker to finish that set. It ain't the best set in the world, but I'm kinda proud of myself.


Longer term goals...finish a Morgan set

- finish a Liberty nickel set

- learn much more about detecting cleaning, whizzing, and otherwise being taken by less than honest sellers.

- staying motivated and patient. It's easy to burn out if you try to go too fast.

- building a trusting and friendly relationship with some honest dealers.

- meeting other people outside of those I work with every day...

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My goal over the next couple of years is to complete a Peace Dollar set. Well actually two sets, i.e., one of slabbed higher-grade coins and one of AU grade raw coins I can put in a Dansco or Interceptor album. For whatever reason I'm still stuck in "folder" mode because when I used to collect as a kid everything was circulated and went into Whitman folders. laugh.gif


I also plan on spending quite a bit of time doing research on Peace Dollars and other silver coins. I also will be spending a significant amount of time on the whole grading process and especially that of Peace Dollars. Unfortunately, I really don't have the luxury to travel to a bunch of coins shows, etc. so my up close and personal experience with these coins will be limited to local coin dealers, etc.


My long-term goal is to have a number of nice sets of various coin types, e.g., I'll probably work on a set of Morgans or Walkers after the Peace Dollar set. They will always be for my enjoyment and maybe be an investment as well depending on the particular coin/set being purchased/built. However, it would be real nice if the darn things don't lose any value. cool.gif

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I'm a little over half way to completing a ms64+ full band merc set. There are going to be a couple tough nuts to crack affordibility wise, but I think I could get it done in the next 5-6 years.


Andy laugh.gif

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Hi Michael - What a great question. smile.gif


This year's goals:

1) Keep sniffing around for MS67FS wartime Jefferson nickels.

2) Purchase but one - yes just one - very nice buffalo nickel in a year I do not have.

3) Cherrypick every dealer in the western United States for fulls step Jeffersons. laugh.gifwink.gif

4) Finish my last course with the ANA for the certification as a numistmatist.

5) Read everything I can.

6) Look at as many coins in person as I can.

7) Work on my albums here and there.

8) Try not to forget to enjoy myself.


Long term:

1) Enjoy the hobby as an observer and participant.

2) Research and write in my areas of genuine interest.

3) Buy only wonderful coins.

4) Help my daughters and others to appreciate and enjoy all this hobby has to offer.

5) Live long enough to complete at least one set.


Most of all: Don't lose my sense of humor! smile.gif (I tend to too easily frown.gif ).



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4) Help my daughters and others to appreciate and enjoy all this hobby has to offer.

Two days ago my six year old daughter and I were counting the change in her piggy bank when we came across a worn 1939 quarter. She knew it was different as soon as she saw it. I then showed her some of my coins. Who knows, maybe she'll develop an interest in coins. She put that quarter away and said she'd never spend it. So who knows?
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My goals are to have fun with the hobby and continue to learn and at the same time, build a collection that I can share with my children. While I greatly enjoy adding to the different collections I have and learning about numismatics in general, there has been another fire lit for me as a result. I've started reading biographies of the personalities most associated with the founding of the US - and the more I read and learn, the more fascinated I become. The tie-in with the coins produced by our country and the situations around which they were made are truly fascinating.


I started out by reading Lincoln's bio (which was great) but wanted a larger scope on America. So, I read Franklin's bio, then read the latest bio on John Adam's (which was a Pulitzer winner). I'm looking to start on Jefferson's bio next. With time, I'm sure I'll be up to the mid and later 19th century - but the richness of our beginnings and the events that surrounded them explain a lot of things I've wondered about for quite some time.


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Yes, coins are a very tangible connection with our history. I would like to read more as well. Sherman's memoirs are on my reading list.


Specific coin goals are fairly straightforward. Hope to complete a type set of US coins using Norman Stack's book as a general guide. Selectively upgrade my classic commemorative set, and, as Greg said, even think about getting rid of some duplicates. My collection is beginning to exhibit clutter and disarray. Probably can't complete my circulated commem set over a five year time horizon, but should be able to add some cool coins -- I have virtually all of the easy ones. Would love to find a well circulated Spanish Trail!

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My goal is to improve my coin business enough that I can afford to buy a new proof type coin for my type set. That twenty cent proof I bought a while back was the last coin I'm likely to add for quite a while.

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My collecting goals are to keep my collection moving. I've had a buffalo nickel collection, two cent piece collection, half cent collection.........I'm on seated stuff right now, no varieties or anything, just pretty seated stuff, that I can afford. I upgraded when I can upgrade, and when I find another series that gets my blood flowing a bit, I'll start selling off the seated stuff and put my efforts there. I have basic sets that are complete, that I will keep, and use to see if I can get my kids interested in collecting, also. Trimes may be my next stop. I started them once before, but found them to be an expensive little set. I'm in a better position now, so a set of three cent silvers could be realistic now. We'll see.

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My daughter will graduate from college this year and I will have more money for coins. I would like to complete a MS63/64/65 Saint Gauden's set. At least those coins that are available. I am afraid that I will have to stop at 1927-D (except for the 1928-P). The coins after '27-P become so expensive and rare enough that they are almost uncollectable.


However, I will do what I can to finish the set. I also would like to finish a $10 Indian set. This is within reach and should be completed by the end of next year. tongue.gif

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