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Maybe this is a dumb Newbie question

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He's only half incorrect. SMS does stand for Special Mint Set.


It was used in 1965-1967 (and 1964 as prototypes) to replace the proof and mint sets. I believe they were made in response to a coin shortage throughout the country that was blamed on the collectors. These SMS coins were of better quality than business strikes, but of worse quality than proof strikes.


The SMS term has been (wrongly) applied to some modern coins that have been from commemorative sets.

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I was collecting back in the 1960s and your historical analysis is right on the money. The Director of the Mint, Eva Adams, truly blamed coin collectors for the coin shortage and did everything she could to hinder the hobby. Ironically, in later years she saw the light and even went on to be elected to the ANA Board of Governors. (Please, no need to make tired ANA jokes/comments here. And if I could figure out how to post a smiley icon here, I would!)





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Hi Mark,


You can add any of the smiley/frowneys by clicking on the corresponding "Instant Graemlins" icon beneath the edit box while composing your message. Clicking on the icon inserts the text equivalent code for the graphic, which the message board software then renders as the appropriate image when someone requests the web page.


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