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2005 Unc. Sets

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I ordered mine when they first came out, and I received them within a week or two or ordering. I will say, the quality and look of these sets is much better than previous years, the "satin finish" really makes them nice and frosty so that even the Sacs look nice!

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I haven't ordered any set but the quality of the designs are some of the nicest I've seen in YEARS....if not the best during my lifetime. Several of the quarters and the Buffalo really makes the set stand out, IMO.



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I've had mixed results but most of them have been good.


My first order (first day of availability) was extraordinary. I don't think there was a cent below 67 with some higher; the dimes were much similar, but the Kennedy's were the real surprise. For such a heavy coin, I'll be amazed if any of them grade as low as 67. I can't find a single flaw on some of them. My second order didn't live up to the expectations from the first. Even though they were received just 10 days apart, there was some evidence of die wear. I guess my timing for the third order was pretty good since the quality was much similar to the first order. I'm now waiting for my fourth order. I just hope that my timing is as good as it was for the third.



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I was fairly pleased with my sets. I got 3 of the sets. Two out of three were good when I mixed and matched amongst sets. I'll just let the one that was not so good go on eBay, I guess.


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cmp9, why don't you order them at one time and save on shipping?

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My 1st order was placed on the first day of their release and the Mint was offering a special for a free upgrade from "Standard Shipping" ($4.95) to "Expedited Shipping" (a $17.95 value).


I was really pleased with the quality of the 1st order, and a friend asked me to order some for him. So, I placed a 2nd order for both of us, and we split the $4.95 for Standard Shipping (no special offer this time). Although the quality of this shipment was better than most Mint Sets from previous years, it did not equal the quality of my 1st order. It appeared that the dies had deteriorated too much.


My 3rd order coincided with the release of the John Marshall commems. Once again, the Mint was offering a free upgrade to Expedited Shipping. I already knew that the shipments for the commems would be pushed back so this enabled me to get overnight delivery of the Mint Sets, now, and overnight delivery of the commems as they were released. Also, I was hoping that my timing would coincide with a change of the dies to get better quality coins. It just happened that I guessed right!


Now, you may have noticed that the current Greysheet bid/ask on the 2004 Mint Sets is $62/$67. I think the 2005 set is far superior to it, and the satin finish is an added value incentive. So, I placed a 4th order for more sets. This time, I just paid $4.95 for Standard Shipping and there was no special offer. I hope that my timing is good on this order. We'll see!


Here is a review of the shipping charges I have incurred:


1st order (Expedited) - Paid $4.95

2nd order (Standard) - Paid $2.50

3rd order (Expedited)

> Mint Sets - Paid $17.95

> JM PF Commems - Paid $0.00

> JM UNC Commems - Paid $0.00

4th order (Standard) - Paid $4.95


I have paid a total of $30.35 for an average of $7.59 per order. This amounts to just $2.64 more per order, but I'm getting overnight delivery on 4 of the 6 shipments.


By the way, the Mint had been offering this free upgrade for the USMC products, so I ordered all of them at the same time knowing that the release dates for them would be delayed. Again, I'm getting overnight delivery guaranteed for each of the four shipments for one charge of $4.95.



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