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2024 S Lincoln cent Rim is different
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Does anyone know why the rim on the 2024 S Lincoln cent is so pronounced compared to other recent years. 
first the 2024 S coin the the 2019 coin.

the 2024 coin is .074” in diameter and .06” weight is 2.59 g

the 2019 coin is .073” in diameter and .05” weight is 2.55g










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All my proof coins are just like the 2019 coin. 
2019 W coin is .074 , .05 2.62g

while the West Point coin has a more pronounced rim, it is not to the same level as the 2024s




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I am sorry, but I am further confused by this post the further down I scroll. We are comparing proofs to a circulation strike and also an S to a D to a W.

With all the variables in just that, not withstanding any differences in the preparation of the planchets which I believe are supplied to the mint in large quantities, I don't see how any comprehensive conclusion can be made to any aspects of size, thickness, or weight of each of the three.

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Is it the 2024 has more of a square edge with very little bevel on it compared to other years., Unless that is a dent on the edge and not just a reflection.

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Thanks all. Sorry about the confusion. I just noticed a much more distinctive rim on this new proof coin.

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