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I'm a insufficiently_thoughtful_person
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New to collecting and I put the cart before the horse. I starting coin roll hunting as well 6 3-4 months ago. Mind you no supplies to store them. My 1st box of Pennys I think i must have gotten very lucky. Someone's collection. Filled with mint coins oldest 1954-2010. Mostly 70's-2007. I was like a kid at Xmas. Meanwhile I'm storeing pennys wrapped in paper towles, then kleenex i read acid free. I. Plasic bags or containers. Mind u. I bought 2 boxes of pennys, 1 box of halfs, roughly half box of quarters, Nickles & dimes + probably another box worth of pennys from Publix, Walgreens, my local 7-11. 


I finally was like WTH started cleaning through coins everywhere.  Whole spare room on the bed, floor, ect.

After 3 weeks I finally got to the end. Totally forgot about that 1st box. I destroyed 70%, 10% still perfect & 20% I darkened literally from RD to BN. This collection in the box filled with errors & decades I love. DDO'S, DDR'S DOUBLE EARS AND THE WAM'S & CLAMS'S. And I found several. I'm sick. 2 or 3 each 1984, 86, 88 DDR and D ear's, (my fav 80's) several 2000, 2 99 Wide AM, 2 1990, 1 91 close AM. Just now a gorgeous 1963 like it was just of the mint because a tiny peice of cotton got stuck in ear I was so pissed over it all I tried removing with a toothpick. 


My 1st time posting, just joined but I needed to get that out. I guess the good news is I do still have some gorgeous coins including a 84 DDR w/Ear, and maybe 30 others that survived me. Not sure if I'm more mad at myself that I destroyed someone's life work & these pennys survived wars, hard & good times for 50,60, 70 yrs but few hours in my hands I destroyed them for others then the $$ value!! 

Thanks for listening and letting me vent!!


Brian the Jack***👊🌹😇

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Hiya, welcome to the forum.  Carts before horses gets more than a few budding numismatists!  Fear not, but expect a very sharp learning curve if you wish to save money.  Although much less respected, "cleaned" coins still sell, mind you, at a discounted price.  If you actually have all of those potentially valuable errors/varieties, then you could still sell them if you like, better you keep them as a learning lesson.  Please upload some clear and cropped photos, I am interested in seeing how your cleaned coins turned out. 

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