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can somebody please tell me what's going on with this Utah state quarter? looks like a die break
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Hello and welcome!

Your coin does not have a die break. It does have some colossal hits around the rim as well as a lot of other abrasion damage. All of this happened after it left the mint.

In the future, if you do have any coin that could have some characteristic that might make it more valuable than face value, please handle the coin by the edges and avoid touching either side with your fingers so you are not imparting your skin oils onto the surface.

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Welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting nice, cropped, close-ups of both sides of your coin. Unfortunately, as others have stated, it is not a mint error. It is just damage. A die break would show as a raised line or area on the coin, which would have been created by a crack or missing metal on the face of the die. A break close to the rim, called a "marginal die break" or "cud," would look much like the area on the obverse of your coin at the "D" on "DOLLAR." It would not, however, have the gash in the edge, which is what caused your coin to look like that. The pics below are compliments of Chuck Newman, from the website Cuds-on-Coins. Notice that the edge looks more or less normal, without evidence of damage.




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In general coin damage presents as indentations that don't resemble an object, and die cracks or breaks present as raised areas on a coin.

Your coin has indentations that don't look like something that could have gotten on the dies during striking, so it's just damage.  The technical term for your coin is "spender". (:

If you're interested in errors check out the links in my pinned topic at the top of this sub-forum, including the site www.error-ref.com

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    Welcome to the NGC chat board.  As others have stated, your 2007-D Utah quarter exhibits severe surface damage, not a mint error.   

On 8/29/2023 at 10:19 AM, Just Bob said:

A die break would show as a raised line or area on the coin, which would have been created by a crack or missing metal on the face of the die.

  Here are some examples of die breaks or cracks on earlier U.S. coins, which always appear as raised lines or areas, not gouges as on your coin:


   This 1818 large cent (N10, Randall hoard variety) shows extensive die breaks that connect the stars and the date numerals.



   The reverse of this 1894 proof 1894 Liberty nickel shows light die cracks between and above the letters "TATES OF AM".



    This 1942-S wartime Jefferson "nickel" shows a long die crack that passes all the way from the rim above the "S" in "PLURIBUS" at the upper reverse all the way through the second "S" in "STATES" at the lower reverse to the lower rim. If the die remained in use much longer, it likely broke in two.

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They start out small but sometimes get bigger if they don't check the dies soon enough.

full crack early with chip 350x350 +.jpg

Full Crack 350X350.jpg

Double Spike.jpg

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