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1982 D penny small date real
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    This 1982-D cent is a small date. I can see some small plating "bubbles", which identify it as copper plated zinc, as are virtually all 1982-D small date cents.

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On 8/15/2023 at 11:50 PM, powermad5000 said:

Another vote for small date.

Yup, a 1982-D Small Date Lincoln Cent.  But I would bet the family ranch it's plated zinc that weighs roughly 2.50 grams.

There were over 6 billion (yes with a "b") copper plated zinc small date and large date 1982-D cents struck that year since it was a transition year, with the circulated ones that are typically posted worth about 2 cents or less.  And so far only two valuable small date copper 1982-D cents, so that's one-in-three billion odds.

It really amazes me how many people it seems actively look for a (virtually-zero-rainbow-unicorn-better-odds-at-hitting-mega-lottery) rare small date copper 1982-D cent.  But knock yourself out for those that know the chance of finding a rare one is virtually zero and enjoy looking anyway, and why I compiled the attached infographic to help with the search.

1982 Lincoln Cent Infographic.jpg

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