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David Lisot has passed away

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Mr. Lisot was an amazing interviewer.

He's more recently remembered for "Cool Coins," but for me, it was really his interviews with notable figures in U.S. numismatics in the 1980s that really keep me coming back to his content.  Go to the Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) and choose the year 1986, and you can see great interviews with Clifford Mishler, Chester Krause, R.W. Julian, Walter Breen, and Anthony Swiatek, among many other giants in U.S. numismatics. There are multiple interviews with many of these same people in the different years listed at the NNP.

On the last day of this year's World's Fair of Money in Chicago (Saturday, 8/20), I met David Lisot at the ANA Show in Chicago at his space there and I told him just how much I enjoy watching his interviews with these old-timers and how his work has benefitted me through the knowledge and stories that David elicited from these people.

Mr. Lisot was obviously touched and told me that it was his great pleasure to have captured these interviews. I also detected from him a bit of sadness in that many of these good old friends in this field are now gone (and, yes, he was teary-eyed when talking about these people) . It made me think about how it's going to be when most of my old friends are gone, too...

He then asked me about the book I was hawking (my Korean coin book), and then swung his camera around and turned on the square light above it and said, "How about an interview?" I had to think about it for a minute, but I said, "sure."

Mr. Lisot was an expert at this short form interview/ad, and he got me talking about the book on camera. Mr. Lisot himself was very well-spoken and showed strong evidence that he had an intellect on par with pretty much any of those big brains in numismatics he's interviewed!

He will be missed, and thanks for posting this topic...

Rest in PEACE, David...(You can also see his content at the Internet Archive Search:  https://archive.org/search.php?query=david+lisot+digital+library&sin= )

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On 10/18/2022 at 6:31 PM, VKurtB said:

The hobby has lost its most reliable videographer of talks and presentations at major shows. 

Next man up?

I believe you are eminently qualified!  :whistle:

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I am so sorry to hear of David's passing.  I met him doing a cool coins segment a few years back and since found many of his videos on the Newman Portal.  I corresponded with him occasionally since and he was among my inspirations to do a couple of seminars on Saint Gaudens Double Eagle Varieties.  He was alway a gentleman, always helpful, funny, and seemingly everywhere in the numismatic firmament. He will be greatly missed.

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