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1939 nickel questions
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I ran across some info on a 1939 ddr nickel and decided to look at this one i have. My questions are- Could this be one? How about the obverse? and if by chance it is, is it worth having graded and slabbed? Any advice is very much appreciated!20220220_143040.thumb.jpg.0cbdd87e900a91f28da9aca31f16f2cf.jpg20220220_143124.thumb.jpg.aed0b2740f627a69c5916a5bcae7d186.jpg20220220_143524.jpg.ff382843289426f46c79fdd113e4b860.jpg20220220_143400.jpg.1c6a2a728cfb0931dbaccea8ee77869a.jpg20220220_143124.thumb.jpg.aed0b2740f627a69c5916a5bcae7d186.jpg







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I don't see any doubling on the Obv or Rev.  If it was a DDR, you would see the doubling on the word Monticello. 

If it was a DDR, it might be worth having graded. It's not a bad looking coin.

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Looks like the reverse of 1938 based off your pics (if I am seeing this correctly?) which is definitely the rarer of the two.  If you use one of the variety websites, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Just FYI.

Edit to add: No, it does not appear to be the "biggie" DDR FS-801 as mentioned.  But there are several other recognized DDR's for this year that are listed on Varietyvista.com.  Just wanted to clarify this.  

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On 2/20/2022 at 5:51 PM, RWB said:

Neither 1939 rev 38 or rev 39 is really "rare." Rev 38 is just more difficult to find in circulation. Neither are worth paying for authentication.

But the real DDR can be, especially if found in nice condition. A lot of them are pretty badly beaten up - the OTHER BU.  Also, full step 1939’s do draw decent money. 

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