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This registry set already has already been created:

it accepted the following Silver Krugerrands to the set:

2018:  4857602-073

2019:  4875791-362

but will not add:  2020:  5831856-016  (the registry wants to create a new set and will not allow me to add to the existing set above).


all 3 coins are your basic bullion MS 70 Krugerrands.  can you please explain what is going on?


y been created:  

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  • Administrator

Hello. If you have not already done so, please follow these directions to get your coins added. Thank you.


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I am curious why this set even exists, when there is only one more year, the 2017, that would encompass all coin in this series?  Why does this set start with 2018?  That would be like starting a silver eagle set with 1987.  Hopefully it's not because of the 50th anniversary privy, which is on all 2017 krugerrands. 

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