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On 11/1/2021 at 10:40 PM, Patman54 said:

Thank you for your insight.

You are very welcome Patman.  There are members here on the forum who freely donate and devote their time to answering questions, such as the nature of yours here, that are more than eager and willing to help out other members and answer their down to earth, honest and valid questions and concerns.  Unfortunately, It's those members that want to argue with us whom we try to inform, and help out, that become "thorns in our side" so to speak.  You asked a valid question, you got an honest and educated answer from several experienced seasoned veteran forum members (not meaning or including myself) and I guarantee you that your comment was MUCH appreciated!!!  I believe I can speak for the rest of us in saying this. Thank you. (thumbsu

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You're very welcome and thank you for that.  I really do appreciate the help I get from others and understanding this. You guys have been a good source of education for education for me and even have some fun doing. Which I believe is the whole point in the 1st place. I find things that I am unsure of what it is or if it's nothing. And even though it doesn't amount to anything the coin that I have I still think it's pretty cool having a coin with only 3 numbers. So I say that anyway. Just for the fun of collecting.

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