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  1. Occasionally I find a good deal I got this morning a is a entire roll of silver silver dimes. That came from apmex for 100
  2. I already got a fake Morgan. But got it through shipping And denied Acceptance Have been unable to get hold of anyone from offer up.
  3. You'll love this one. the coin posted as a 1973
  4. I'm not exactly sure what he is doing He also has Is National Park's quarters on the same post. By the way it is supposed the sounds like he doesn't speak English And it is for all of them. As one. Maybe Couldn't make much sense of it. Went on his page he has ponies and Nickels posted is posted as well. You could get them for 500.
  5. Seems to me rocks and coins don't go together. I was just looking through offer up and a person posted quarters. Not to change the subject just found it funny
  6. I am thinking it could be possible because it is a 42
  7. I'm wondering if maybe is on the wrong planchet. Thinking maybe should have tested 🤔
  8. Any ideas why this is so shiny and yet worn. Maybe buffed? Have not seen one before thought it kinda strange.