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Something is funny with the letters

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About 18 years ago I missed out on an opportunity to buy a 72 DDO for a $100 a guy was selling some of his uncles coin collection at a garage sale he inherited it probably would of graded out MS63-MS64 red/brown … still kicking myself for it , you didn’t even need a loupe to see it . The doubling was strong with a naked eye alone 

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Yeah I showed up at garage sale to buy a couple of old chainsaws that needed rebuilt I knew how to restore and rebuild chainsaws I knew the guy’s uncle through a friend . To be fair I didn’t really “miss out on the opportunity” more like I passed up the opportunity . I saw it I could of bought right there but I wasn’t a Lincoln cent collector I knew about the 1972 DDO and 1955 DDO … I was only there to buy the 3 old chainsaws that day the one chainsaw he had old Remington chainsaw with a 36” bar on it was beast … I never went back to see the rest of the coin collection which was small (mostly typical Morgans/peace dollars , Buffalo nickels and mercury and seated dimes and some Lincoln cents)  he had for sale at that time … I do remember the 1972 DDO easily to see it without a loupe the doubling was strong looked like it just came fresh out of bank roll reddish/brown in real good condition I’d say possibly MS63 or MS64 

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