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  1. You probably don’t remember, but I posted a grading question on a good shape cent with some tarnishing(I think?) Anyway, you guys suggested that I olive oil soak it. So here she is! Let you guys know how it turns out. Quick question before you go: how long should I soak it for? Thanks and wish me luck!! 50 CENTS IS ON THE LINE!!
  2. Dang man… sorry to hear that as a fellow collector!
  3. Yeah, doesn’t look real to me
  4. Bought it for 2 bucks at an antique shop in Houston… worth the money?
  5. Yeah…. those darn carbon spots… I guess that’s what 50 cents get you. Do you think ez est coin cleaner would work as a fun experiment?
  6. The pics have a weird color to them. The coin is definitely BU in person:( I need photography lessons!
  7. Please don’t tell me that I created grudges against veterans!
  8. I understand, but please give me a break I'm new to this forum. It didn't appear on the page so I reposted it.