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1973 proof lincoln cent
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Depends why you want it graded. If you want it graded because you hugely like it, you'd ask yourself whether you'd rather have this coin graded, or whatever else (including another coin) you could buy with $30-60. If your motive is commercial, you'd want some idea that the coin was valuable enough to drown the grading fees. The way my mind words, $150 doesn't even begin to cut it because that's like paying 20-40% of the value. I have a hard time imagining many coins that would retail for $150 unslabbed that will retail for $180-210 slabbed. If it's about the money, very few modern coins are going to gain $30-60 in value by spending $30-60 to have them graded.

I get the mindset, which is one I normally share: don't be cheap, do things right, protect your items of value, and so on. I think that many people arrive at the hobby seeing slabs as a path to this, so they are eager to find something that merits grading. It's a sense that this is how the "real collectors" do it.  It's understandable as a starting point; the problem is that it's not true--especially for some of us. Okay, I've been a collector for fifty years and I have never once sent a single coin in for grading. I'm not one bit ashamed of that. Nothing against the grading services; I just don't feel I need their approval and haven't had any coins I felt could benefit from grading.

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1 hour ago, bsshog40 said:

I'm pretty sure this ain't a proof either.

It’s not. For that year, it would need to have an S mint mark. It’s a really nice Philly business strike; worth an album spot, but not a slab 

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