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2014 P Dime Error Coin?

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Your coin is just damaged, known as PMD (Post Minting Damage). It has taken several hits, one of which  bent the rim inward.

In the future, please show both sides of the coin

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2 hours ago, GHOSTGIRL said:

if thats the case then why is the back of his head design warped

Hello GHOSTGIRL and welcome to the forum. Please do not be offended by my further input on your thread. There were several professionals here that have already explained what has happened to your dime (please listen to the professionals). It is called Post Mint Damage or better know as simply PMD.  Please let me go a step further and explain about your question concerning the back of Rosevelt's head being warped.  Your dime has taken a massive beating and bending of some sorts, definitely which all occurred after leaving the mint, no question about it.  There is nothing special about this coin, sorry.  Imagine a human-being riding a motorcycle, with a helmet on, (required by state law in most of the Continental United States), and the motorcycle guy taking a spill while trying to "straighten out a curve".  His head slams off the nearest tree, even though he's wearing a helmet, and well..... the after effects are what you are seeing on your coin..... a distorted, bent, flattened edge, etc......  much like what a helmet would look like (as well as the biker dude) after a serious accident.  Hopefully this helps in explaining why the rim and edge of your dime has been flattened behind Rosevelt's cranium (even though I'm not sure if he was a biker....).  Just sayin......

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