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I have a few Morgans. I inherited from my late husband, they were left in a bank box I almost forgotten all about them until I went to get something important. I brought them home with me and they’re all colorful. Should I get them professionally cleaned?

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39 minutes ago, Marilyn Golden said:

I have a few Morgans. 

Are these raw or graded Morgans ?  Since you referenced "cleaning" them, I'll assume they are not in plastic slabs, have not been graded, and are either loose or in little paper/cardboard holders.

Taking a picture of your Morgans all together (we can worry about individual close-ups later) might be worthwhile.

Do you intend to ADD to your collection of Morgan's ?  It's a very popular series and there are different ways to go about it.  Morgan's are my 2nd favorite coin -- after Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles -- and I have elected to collect a few here and there coins that I liked that were graded and slabbed.

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Welcome to the Forum!

I have no clue as to how many you have, their condition, possible scarcity -- or anything else for that matter, but if it isn't too much trouble there are helpful members here who will suggest you post photos of your coins, front (obverse) and back (reverse) to better enable them to advise you.

Generally speaking, cleaning is frowned upon.  Many a good coin has been ruined forever by owners who thought cleaning might enhance their appearance. Collectors prefer coins like yours in their original, raw state. Morgans are wonderful; be sure to always handle them with care, by their edges.  Who knows, you may be sitting on a treasure you never knew you had. 

P.S.  As regarding the Morgans which have not been formally graded, it is always a good idea as to their relative worth before submission.  Everyone here is here to help you.  I do hope the ones you've already submitted meet with your approval grade-wise.  Bear in mind with the pandemic, the submission turn-around times are understandably taking longer.  Be patient.

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1 minute ago, Marilyn Golden said:


OK, that just won you 20 free questions answered by me !!  xD  (thumbsu

Beautiful coin....it's on my to-buy list.....condition is MS66 which is nice, as this coin is so plentiful you want to get up there in condition.  It also is in an OGH -- Original Green Holder -- though I can't tell from what years (have to check the PCGS slab history or maybe one of the vets here will chime in).

Do you have other Saints ?

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