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Just an idea...

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So, I am running with a weird idea here. I happen to have acquired the 1984 P and D mint set and the 1984 Proof set. It also happens to be the LAST year that the Good Old Detroit Tigers won the MLB World Series. 1984 World Series - Wikipedia My twin brother and I were 3 years old the year they won that game. We were AT game 5. Somewhere there is a decades old faded Polaroid picture of us at the game, with the pennants we were waving and all that fun stuff 3 year old boys do when they are at a ball game with their dad and grandpa. Well, that being said, I turn 40 this year and I am looking to surprise my brother with a 1984 / Tigers themed collection for my brother. What I am looking to do is make a shadow box with all NGC graded 1984 P and D and S (proof) coins in it, along with any other coins that were minted in that year, including the 1984 Olympic Coin collection. Any thoughts?

1984 D MINT (A1).jpg

1984 D MINT (A2).jpg

1984 P MINT (A1).jpg

1984 P MINT (A2).jpg

1984 PROOF.jpg

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Hi there. I am brand new, I mean brand spankin' new to coin collecting, but definitely not to shadowbox making or any project of sorts. I think that would be a grand idea and absolutely beautiful, not to mention a sentimental and heartfelt gift!!

Do you have the picture somewhere or are you trying to locate the picture? 


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AH 1984.....I barely rememeber that year...2 of my favorite pastimes baseball and coins. I think it will make a lovely gift for anyone.

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I think it is a great idea. The $10 gold coin will cost you about $1200, if you choose to include it, but it isn't hard to find. And, if you go just base metal and silver, your cost is much less - around $35 for proof coins. Depends on your budget, and how much you like your brother. ;)

It is a gift I would be happy to receive.

Welcome to the forum.

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