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Thinning the herd: numismatic literature
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My collecting interests have almost entirely shifted over the last two decades. In the wake of this, I find myself with a small cache of numismatic literature that no longer suits my needs. It seems prudent to put these books in the hands of fellow collectors who might glean some enjoyment from them instead of collecting dust on my overcrowded bookshelves. Beyond eBay, I am not aware of any other venues to sell/trade inexpensive books where the shipping charges wouldn't get out of hand quickly. In several instances, the shipping charge would likely exceed the cost of the book. Any suggestions? Are there dealers who would likely purchase the entire lot (obviously at a deeply discounted price)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have included a list of the books below to give a general idea of the subject matter.

United States Coins

  1. Numismatics of Massachusetts, Malcolm Storer, 1981, hardcover, 319 pages.
  2. John Hull, The Mint and The Economics of Massachusetts Coinage, Louis Jordan, hardcover, 348 pages.
  3. Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Dollars 2nd Edition By Keith Davignon, 2010, 326 pages.
  4. Counterfeit, Mis-Struck, and Unofficial U.S. Coins, hardback, 221 - Don Taxay
  5. Dan Holmes Collection of Large Cents, catalogues by Goldbergs McCawley & Grellman, Part III, Large Cent Errors. COMBO The Davy Collection of Half Cent Errors.
  6. Flying Eagle & Indian Cents, Richard Snow, 1992, hardcover, 161 pages.
  7. Getting Your Two Cents Worth, Kevin Flynn, 1994, 112 pages.
  8. The United States Half Dimes- D.W. Valentine, hardcover, 186 Pages.
  9. Early Quarter Dollars of the United States 1796-1838 AW Browning, Hardcover, 44 pages, 1981
  10. Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars by Kimpton 1st Ed., Soft Cover, 2005,151 pages.
  11. Standard Catalogue of United States Coins, 1947, hardcover, 224 pages.
  12. History of the United States Mint and its Coinage, Hardcover, 2006, 190 pages.
  13. The Treasure Ship S.S. New York Her Story, 1837-1846, Bowers, 2008, 94 pages.

United States Tokens/Medals/Currency

  1. Patriotic Civil War Tokens Revised 4th edition 1982 Update 1993 die photos, softcover, 124 pages.
  2. Atwood Coffee Catalogue of US & Canadian Transportation Tokens 4th Ed. Vol.1 , hardback, 548.
  3. 1973 2nd Edition Feisel's Catalogue Of Parking Tokens Of The World, hardcover, 244 Pages.
  4. Alaska Tokens, Ronald J. Benice, 179, hardcover, 208 pages.
  5. So-Called Dollars, 2nd Edition, 2008, 191 pages. (Covers intact but multiple folds; contents are okay).
  6. 100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens by Jaegar and Bowers (2007), hardcover, 119 pages.
  7. College Currency Money For Business Training Illustrated, Schingoethe, 1993, 463 pages.

World Coins

  1. (2 Books) J. J. North: English Hammered Coinage. Volume I. c650-1272, 1963, 198 pages [and] English Hammered Coinage Volume 2, Edward I to Charles II 1272-1662, 1960, 183 pages. The first editions.
  2. Brand J. D., The English Coinage 1180-1247: Money, Mints and Exchanges British Numismatic Society Special Publication No. 1. 1994. 92pp, 5 b/w plates
  3. The English Silver Coinage since 1649. 5th ed., Rayner, 1992, hardcover, 254 pages.
  4. Spink. Coins of England & The United Kingdom. Decimal Issues. Standard Catalogue of British Coins. Part 3. London: Spink & Son, Ltd., 2018, Fourth edition, 227 pages.
  5. Coins of England and the United Kingdom 48th Edition 2013, Hardcover, 648 pages.
  6. Illustrated History of Coins and Tokens Relating to Canada English/French 2005, paperback, 239 pages. (324281726755)
  7. Charlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Coins 1995 49th Ed
  8. Coins And Tokens Of Scotland, Seab, 1972, hardcover, 160 pages.
  9. Sylloge of Coins of The British Isles 22 Part V Hiberno-norse and Anglo-Irish coins, 1975, hardcover
  10. Coinage in the Celtic World, Daphne Nash, 2004 Reprint, 153 pages.
  11. 2009 Standard Catalog of World Coins 2001-date, softcover, 432 pages.
  12. Thomas Simon His Life and Work 1618-1665, Alan J Nathanson, hardcover, 60 pages.

World Tokens/Medals

  1. Price Guide to 18th Century Tokens, Schwer, 1983, 175 pages.
  2. Seventeenth Century Tokens Of The British Isles Michael Dickinson, first edition, 1986, hardcover, 292 pages.
  3. Schwer Price Guide To Unofficial Farthings, paperback, 248 pages.
  4. British Tokens And Their Values by Seaby 1970. Hardcover, 199 pages.


  1. Metallurgy in Numismatics Volume 4 Royal Numismatic Society Special Publication, 1998, hardcover, 538 pages.
  2. The Coin Collector's Survival Manual, Revised Seventh Edition Scott A. Travers, Softcover, 401 pages.


If this post violates any rules, I apologize and respectfully ask the moderator to remove the thread.

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2 hours ago, RWB said:

You could consign to Kolbe or one of the other numismatic literature sellers.

The bulk of these books are very inexpensive, and I assumed they would not be interested. Perhaps that assumption was incorrect? 

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50 minutes ago, GoldFinger1969 said:

What do you collect now ?

I primarily collect the coinage, tokens, and medals produced at the Soho Mint. More broadly, the bulk of my collection consists of the numerous patterns, proofs, and business strikes of English and Irish copper spanning the 17th to 19th centuries. I imagine this will be a lifelong pursuit as there is no shortage of research topics to explore. I would ask what you collect, but I already know! lol

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That's a nice collection of books. If you don't mind selling just some, rather than the entire set at once, we may can deal. Doesn't the Post Office have some boxes that are "all-you-can-fit-in-it-regardless-of-weight-for-one-price" ? I don't mind paying to have them shipped.

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A local coin collector club might be interested in a consignment arrangement. A club in me does this in order to get books into the hands of members and especially new collectors.

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11 hours ago, Hoghead515 said:

Very cool collection. Hopefully one of these days mine will look like that. I've been slowly reading some amazing books and old numismatic magazines and adding to it. 

Thank you, I am happy to report that many of them have found new homes! To my wife's disbelief, this list only represents a tiny portion of my numismatic references. I may do several more purges between now and when we relocate. 

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13 minutes ago, coinsandmedals said:

I have decided to create a thread in the marketplace to sell the remainder of the books. If interested in any of the titles listed above, please comment on that thread. Thanks! 

I would probably be interested in a couple. I'll check out what you have left in the thread you create. I got my eye on a couple of them. 

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I visited the Strand Book Store as early as 1975 and worked there briefly in the 1980's and 1990's. [I believe they had to let go of 70% of their employees in the wake of the pandemic] and in all those years, this largest used book store in  New York City boasting 18 miles of books had never had a section devoted exclusively to coins or stamps. If I may, I would suggest an institution that caters to researchers and one such place is the New York Public Library which over a hundred years ago built a mammoth building to accommodate the Astor, Lennox and Tilden trust under one roof. I was going to suggest the ANA or Library of Congress but am unfamiliar with their holdings or operations. Any First Edition, limited edition or out-of-date book, hard-covered with dust jacket intact, would be particularly valuable.



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