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Question about milkspots

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Question for the pros.............I'm working on a set of statehood quarters . I have one of the SMS quarters that appears to have milkspots . The coin itself is in immaculate condition , no bag marks , maybe a slight tick . Will the graders count against with the spots?

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Sure. They are surface contamination of the same class as PVC, spit and anything else stuck to the coin. I cannot predict what a TPG would do...but I would simply return your coin and money, less postage, along with a brief note...But that's just an opinion.

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1 hour ago, Patrick Harris said:

I would never attempt to remove them , I know better . What I'm wondering is will the spots affect the grade? Sorry if I didn't frame the question properly . 

Do white spots affect the NGC grade?

NGC will factor white spots into its grading of modern silver coins just as it does for black spots on copper coins and red spots on gold coins. Larger and more distracting spots will result in lower grades. Heavily spotted coins may receive an NGC Details Grade with an Environmental Damage notation.

The development of white spots after a coin is graded by NGC is not covered under the NGC Guarantee because these white spots occur unpredictably and through no fault of NGC’s. If an NGC-certified modern silver coin develops white spots, NGC will leave it in its original holder or reholder it with the original grade.


Here's the full article:


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12 hours ago, BearlyHereBear said:

Dessert discrimination-_-

Well what do you expect? NABISCO discontinued the Cameo, which has a numismatic connection.

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