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1966 Dime

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I would like to know an expert's opinion on this dime.  There seems to be errors in LIBERTY ....the B for sure.  "IN GOD WE TRUST"  ....there seems to be the WE not stamped and no T.  It appears to be an n below the O in GOD.  The last 6 appears larger in 1966.  Maybe a double ear...idk.  Is this coin worth something?  



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This thread might have gotten more answers if it had been posted in a different forum, but I will give it a go.

Almost everything that you have described can be attributed to the damage on the coin. It has the appearance of a coin that was dropped out of someone's pocket and lay in a convenience store parking lot for a little while, where it was run over a time or two. That is what caused all the little nicks and dings in the surface. So, all of the "doubling " and "extra letters" is just damage.

As far as the weakness in the word "WE", that is a problem that is commonly seen on dimes of this era. If you look at a new dime you will notice that the portrait is smaller and the motto is farther away from the rim. This was done to try to alleviate strike issues.

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