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New photos!!

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I have been practicing my photo skills and have gotten much better thru some practice and trial and error.  But I am nowhere near the skills of the pros and so every now and again I send some coins out to Mark Goodman for some real quality photos.  For those who may not know Mark he was a regular member of the board ATS and has written a book that is considered the bible for coin photography by some.  So I just got back a batch of photos and would like to share a few, most of these were coins that no matter what I just could not get a decent shot due to slab irregularities and in a couple of cases the speckled toning like on the 1909 S/S.  So hope you all like the new photos.





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Thanks everyone,

On 8/20/2020 at 8:15 PM, bsshog40 said:

They look very nice! Robec also takes some very good pics. 

Bob is very very good as are a number of people that frequent the boards ATS.


19 hours ago, Zebo said:

Nice job. I have Marks book, but haven't really gotten started yet. One of these days. 

Read it cover to cover many times, still learning with every shot.


5 hours ago, MAULEMALL said:

I think you are selling yourself short.. You have some skills..

Thanks but remember these are Marks photos not mine, my tries on some of these were awful.


2 hours ago, coinsandmedals said:

Nice coins, I particularly like the look of the 1909 S/S. I’ve tried my hand at a few coins with similar toning and haven’t been very successful.

Heavy toning like this specked look are super tough, its all in the lighting and lens and I just don't have the right equipment yet.  Its very odd that tone like this for me at least looks very different in hand vs a high res photo, seems like the eye can see through it better than the camera lens

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