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Tell Me Please....

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Unless I am wrong, that is a fake. I found one like yours on Aliexpress, which is a known venue for selling counterfeits. I seriously doubt it is real, but I could be wrong.

Warning: there are adult images on some of the other items for sale on the page in the link below


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9 hours ago, JKK said:

Are the adult images any good? Don't care about the coin, but...

Sadly, the only ones I saw were some really awful counterfeits of bone snuff boxes. Adult, yes - quality...I'd give them an AG.

Back to OP's bullion: while the seller on AliExpress is sketchy as heck on an even sketchier site, the Shanghai Mint itself has at least some issues that have been certified by NGC. That doesn't mean boo about the item pictured, just that the purported mint actually exists and has some credibility. I would see if you can find a reputable bullion dealer with a lot of Shanghai Mint inventory, and see what s/he thinks about the coin.

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I think it's plated. Excellent images, save them off and zoom way in. I see little plating bubbles/dots all over it, particularly evident on the surface of the larger characters in the second image.

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