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Passing of RI Coin Dealer Wade Boughton

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Wade Boughton, a well known and respected RI coin dealer, passed away unexpectedly on March 15, 2020. Wade was a very knowledgeable and fair coin and currency dealer who was well known throughout New England. He was a native of NY and would also attend the Albany show.  Wade was also president of the Newport County Coin Club. He will be missed. 

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That's a shame, Wade was a nice guy.

Years ago, probably the early 80's, we were down at the FUN show. There was an extremely cute girl working in the auction lot viewing room (they used to rent girls from a temp agency). I made it a point to view lots a couple of times a day just to be able to chat with her. I had my name and city on my show badge. So did Wade.

So, anyway, days in and this girl is talking to Wade while he was viewing lots. He had his name and city on his badge also. She recognized that he lived near me and asks him a few things about me. Hours later, we cross paths on the floor. "Oh man,you've got it made"!  "What are you talking about ?", I ask him. "Marcia (or whatever her name was) was asking me about you up in the viewing room". "Oh wow, thanks for the tip "! and I head right up there. Marcia seems pleased to see me and I make a dinner date with her for that night, her last day as an employee. She gives me her address and I make reservations at a nice place. I stopped at a florist and bought some lovely flowers. I get to the address she gave me and it was a vacant lot ! Certainly one of the cruelest jokes ever pulled on me. I never would understand why a girl would do something like that.

On topic, I did plenty of deals with Wade and he was a straight shooter. RIP Wade.......

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3 hours ago, thebeav said:

I never would understand why a girl would do something like that

Wow, what a story. That was either a mix up or a very cruel person. Who goes around with the address of a vacant lot memorized, unless she did that to others too?

RIP Wade.

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