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Reasons for certifying Gold Coins

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Forgive me if this post seems naieve or simplistic.  I am just looking for opinions please.

I have a collection of 100+ gold sovereigns that I intend to leave my daughter as an inheritance.   I'm considering having pretty much

all of them certified / graded by NGC, my primary reasoning to be to assure they are not counterfeit.   I imagine over time that the price

of gold will continue to rise and increasingly buyers will want assurances gold coins are not counterfeit.

I have a wide range from probably VG to MS63 or MS64.   It will also help her determine value if she ever decides to sell them one day.

Does anyone think this is a reasonable / stupid idea, should I be more selective about what I get graded ?

Opinions of any kind including criticism welcome, so long as they are expressed with kindness :)


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Having them encapsulated is a good method to guarantee authenticity.  For any coins where there is no additional numismatic value consider a TPG like ANACS if the cost works out to be lower and you don't mind them in different slabs.

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Definitely do it.  I have quite a few sovereigns MOSTLY slabbed (and that shows that you and your daughter really are collectors and want to hold historical gold coins for the love of it.)

It separates you from the investors.  BTW they are easier to sell too if the need arises.


SOVEREIGNS are one of the most collected coins in the world!

BE PROUD OF YOURSELF.  It was the first gold coin I bought in the 1970s. (Legal)



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