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1972-D DDO VP-001 MS65

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w00t!  Just wanted to share my enthusiasm with a recent submission.  More than happy with the grade.  I went through 44 72 plain dates, 48 Denvers, and 43 San Francisco's earlier this year after acquiring that fairly unchecked 10,000 cent collection.  Let me tell you, this one is tough to find.  Looks like NGC only has 5 total graded (one in RB).  :banana:

Only 35 more examples needed for grading before it's available in registries so I don't see that happening anytime soon....

For the record, the 1972 S/S variety was plentiful but I've just got those set aside for future consideration at this point.


Edit: written in haste, those are extremely low numbers for searching, those were the mint sets alone - didn't inventory a full count of the BU tubes. Mostly just excited to find a top pop variety even if it's a minor and not as sexy. 😊

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6 hours ago, Coinbuf said:

Congrats, a nice feel good victory if not a financial one. :smile:

Financial victories aren't the only ones that matter in this hobby, and it sounds like this was a great personal victory for you.  This being a hobby, those personal victories are arguably the most important.  Kudos!

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Thanks @Coinbuf & @Mohawk!  Definitely more of a personal victory than financial at this point.  I believe it'll sit in my "inventory" a while until I can better gauge what a market value would be.  Scarcity is determined but I doubt interest is there and there's a definite lack of sales history for the other 4 specimens. 

So, it appears ol' 72-DDDO will be hanging out with me until somebody that I know will appreciate him far more comes long.  At least he won't eat much.

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5 hours ago, thebeav said:

1972 was a year that sure offers a lot of fun for the searchers !

Indeed it is.  I don't know what was going on at the US Mint that year, but them not having their act together has provided a lot of fun and opportunities for many numismatists over the years.

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