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Any value on these old coin folders?

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I had a friend bring me these as a gift.  They were his mothers.  Two are still in the original shrink wrap and I haven't opened them to see when they end.  The Kennedy folder ends in 79, so Im guessing they were printed some time in the early 70s.


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I don't know. I did a search just for the nickels book of this type (lacking information about the publisher, of course, this was hamstrung) and did not find a single copy floating to the top or middle of Ebay. If the question is "will someone buy these because they just want any old album?" the answer is probably "not for much," because there are very cheap alternatives. However, there may be people who really really want these exact kind and are willing to pony up to get them. Hard telling.

One problem from a selling standpoint is that they can't go media mail (at least, they aren't supposed to). Since albums can get trashed in transit if not well protected, and anyone who would single these out almost certainly cares about condition, the problem is packing them and then shipping them economically. They might fit in a medium flat rate priority mail box, which ships for about $14; of course, Ebenezer gets 10% so you get hosed if you just charge that.

You could put them out there for some amount with free shipping and hope to get someone who flunked first grade math, but it really depends on the demand for that particular type of album. I'd say they have to be worth about $10-12 each for anyone to get excited about paying $16 or so for shipping. I do not know whether that is even possible. But if I were you, I wouldn't just figure them for $2 items until I had a good read on sold listings for what people had paid, and how often they paid it. Because it could also be that they are valuable but not very liquid; as in, a buyer shows up about every six months. I would definitely want to learn those answers.

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