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  1. Hi folks! Lots of top pop quarters up for sale at Great Collections, so if you are building a top tier registry set, dont miss out! Link to my set is below and the links to the top pop coins are also below. Check them out! 1999 MS68 Statehood Quarters 1999 D Pennsylvania MS68 Top Pop 1999 D New Jersey MS68 Top Pop 1999 P Georgia MS68 Top Pop
  2. Thanks! Kinda hard to let go, but its time! Some top pop coins will be listed next week!
  3. Auctions will be going over a couple of weeks with over 60 different coins in the set. First round ends Sunday 10/17. Fill those holes in your sets! Here are a few samples and the set contains both PCGS and NGC! Great Collections State Quarter Registry Set
  4. How about a way to truly verify you own a certain coin? I know several people in the registry that in fact do not own the coins listed in their sets! I know this opens a can of worms but it happens!
  5. How about creating a non-FB/FT registry set in the Mercury dime and Roosevelt dime series? Similar has already been done in the Franklin half realm.
  6. Thanks! I had forgotten about the older version of the registry! Funny to look at how certain sets of mine are heavy NGC and others are PCGS weighted!
  7. Is there a way for us participants to easily look to see if we have 75% or greater NGC coins that allows us to be eligible for awards, rather than counting them up and doing the math?
  8. This has been a great thread to read! What a collection to inherit!
  9. Any of them cameo designated? What about colorful toning or are they just blast white?
  10. Greetings fellow collectors, I am looking for the 1964D Washington quarter with the type C reverse. I would prefer one that has already been graded by NGC and I would prefer one that is mint state. If you happen to have one, even one that has been graded by another company or is raw, let me know what you are looking to get for it
  11. I think you have some nice items in the collection. The 3 gold coins especially and have the most value. They do look circulated lightly and may not have much value beyond the price of gold. The Ike dollars and the Susan B. Anthony are worth face, perhaps a bit more on the Ikes(1.30 ea). The Kennedy half dollars are 90% silver but look lightly circulated, so perhaps $9 based on silver value. If you were going to sell them, I would take them to a coin show or a reputable local dealer. If you knew a local collector you trusted, you would possibly get a bit more money for them. Sorry for your loss. FWIW, I would not get any of the coins graded.
  12. Hey fellow collectors! Time to sell a couple of coins. These are better dates from the 50s and 60s. All listed on Great Collections with the links below. 1955 D 1954 D 1963 1964