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Why is this website so broken?

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I tried to load the US Coins forum today. It took 3 tries.... I kept getting server error messages. 

Once I finally got in, I tried to open a thread. I counted.... it took a full 9 seconds to load. I've asked this question repeatedly, I keep having the same problems, and nothing has gotten better. It's a bit worse today than normal, but every click on this website usually takes 4-5 seconds to load. 

Why is this website so broken? And, if you can't fix it, why should I keep trying to use it? 

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7 hours ago, dena said:

SI\ince this last report, have you still been experiencing the same issues with the site?


Every day. 

Ever since you switched to the new software a year ago. 

It's awful. I've mentioned it many times, but nobody seems interested in fixing it. 

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Not to sound elitist, I work in IT and am sensitive to things like that. I havent noticed any such problems. That said I was away for while im curious if PF is still having that issue? I havent seen anything like that in past month. And ive been fairly active.

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