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  1. You keep buying your pretty little dragon rounds buddy. The rest of us know what were doing.
  2. I asked a simple yes or no question. Whether any coins from a certain country made it. You demanded that I present this coin that you have since deemed unsuitable for your superior intellect to even discuss. You trashed on the greatest city in the world in the processs, while pushing chinese silver bullion rounds as great and significant. Ask yourself, who really is the nutjob here?
  3. Wow man you really got me. They didnt mint the coins well in your opinion. Really sharp come back buddy. Keep working that IQ towards triple digits take your vitamins.
  4. 60 mintage means 60 were made. Each person who wants a coin doesnt go and mint their own coin. Just a little FYI
  5. You may be more familiar with Mott St as Chinatown NYC. The coin I posted has a mintage of 60. How many of your dragons were minted. I cant believe they put silver bullion in a book called the greatest 100 coins. What a waste of paper and ink.
  6. I've seen better dragon designs on $2 scarves on Mott st. That "coin" is in the book?
  7. It saved 20 kids from a salt mine. Very great coin
  8. Well demand will be the debate against any coin I post. For which I would argue then we should just put the 1955 US double die on every set. What is an example of a great coin on the list? Let me get an idea of what makes a coin great. I dont collect too many Uruguay coins. I dont think they are great. I would say there are less than 10 I would collect and my bias isnt tremendous towards them. But I can already see the dozens of coins with boring pictures of Queen Elizabeth's mug all over the list. To me this coin belongs on any modern beautiful coin based list. Greatest? Again, its not going to do your taxes or save a drowning cat from a pool so I dont know what makes a coin great.
  9. I suppose the choice of the word "greatest" opens enough ambiguity that any criteria could be chosen in lieu of what most people consider the most important characteristic when liking a coin, beauty. Though I'm sure there are outliers in many subcategories, namely key date collectors. Not sure what other reason greatest would be chosen here. No coins are winning the Super Bowl or curing cancer. What makes an inanimate object "great". Am I great man because of my scarcity?
  10. Im sure there are 50 with various aged Queen of England mugshots though
  11. Because there are 1 maybe 2 maybe 3 that belong on any such list.
  12. I enjoyed this forum more than ATS when the forums were split. I know the traffic was dead but at least the topics were separate. I do like World topics but I like to "go to" the world topic rather than comb thu it personally. But if this is working to pick up the pace then so be it. I have not comb across any really nice toned peace dollars worth posting. I reached for a few that dont quite match what im looking for. And it seems the really nice ones end up on Legend and sell for $5000(they arent even that nice). Made me consider selling my set but I'd probably get a fraction of what some plain toners seem to go for, just my luck and then I'd regret it forever. So the collection still sits tight for now looking for the occasional candidate. Ive shifted to world coins more than anything recently and enjoying that.