Is sellers coins legit? Opinions needed 1864 & 1847 seated liberty one dollar coins

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So a seller is selling some very rare coins as originals including the 1804 bust silver dollar (a fraud) and other 1800’s trade dollars plus these 2 seated Liberty $1 dollar coins. I feel as if these are fraudulent but the dealer is an elderly man who’s unknowing or unwilling to validate (I asked if he was willing to have his coins appraised and he said “I know what they are worth) his coins for sale. Any help would be great. Thanks!


 I’m novice to coin collecting but have been collecting sports memorabilia and graded sports cards for a decade.  I’m not sure why I can’t reply but thank the responders for their input.  The gentialmen offering these coins plus others amount to a lot of about 36 coins for a asking price of $700.  When something smells way, way, wayyyyy to good to be true it typically is. Thanks for the input, I will be contacting the seller and if he doesn’t accept the reality of this I’ll be flagging his posts as fraudulent. 


 Thank you 





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The Carson City Mint didn’t produce coins until 1870 so those are obvious fakes. Also, they don’t have the right look. You could show the seller this in the Red Book or any online database of coins. He is either a scam artist or completely clueless.

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Those fakes are extremely bad. Ridiculously bad. So bad I don't even have a witty response. 

They're just not even possible. 

As David said, the Carson City mint didn't open until a decade after that piece of pot-metal junk says. 

I'm quite sure these things aren't even silver. 

Return them if you can; if you can't, chuck them into the nearest river and watch them skip on the water. 

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In addition to the CC mintmarks, which aren't on genuine coins of those dates, legitimate pre-1866 examples don't bear the motto (IN GOD WE TRUST) on the reverse.

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