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Inpulse Buy! I think posted by lanebrad

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2 days looking at this One


Well fellow collector hope your summer is going great and you all had time for a trip or 2. Well Yesterday at the Pawn shop I found this ANACS coin a 5ozer Hot Springs not knowing much about ANACS or this coin and the price I went home and thought about it overnight even sent a email to Rick well the price was reasonable against the silver price So went back today and ask him if there was any wiggle room on the coin after standing there he took off another $10.00. So I guess it true don't buy the holder get the coin you like, and that's a Quote from fellow collector that I call a friend.




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"don't buy the holder get the coin you like"


I like that quote. People ask me why I don't stick to either PCGS or NGC for uniformity in my sets and I always answer 'because I don't collect slabs'.


Q. D. Bowers used to always say (and this pre-dates slabbing) 'buy the book before the coin' and I always followed his advice. To his wise advice we can add 'buy the coin before the slab'... ;)

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Hey Lane,

I think you did just fine. I certify a lot of coins, and I use both NGC and ANACS and I really like both companies. For my selling, I use NGC because I sell a lot of Registry material and, as we know, it has to be NGC of PCGS for that. Hence my sole use of NGC there. However, in my personal collection, I proudly have both NGC and ANACS graded coins. That's the major reason I'm quitting the Registry myself. I want to show off my whole collection in one place, so I'm going to make my own site to share my whole collection when I have some time between school and my little coin selling business. In the past, ANACS may have had issues with changing hands, but I've never seen any real problem with their grading and I've sent coins to them since 2006. I've been with NGC since 2010.


I've done some experimenting and, in my experience, NGC and ANACS agree on grades more often than they disagree and when they disagree, ANACS is actually stricter in most cases. For some people, this works against them but not for me. I actually like it. I'd say that if you aren't stuck on having every coin you own on the Registry, keep buying both NGC and ANACS. They're both great companies that have a solid product. Most of my recent personal purchases have gone to ANACS and I've been very happy with the service and the grading. I also have to say I like their holder a lot better than the current NGC holder......I really hate those white prongs!! The other great thing about ANACS is they will run some amazing special deals from time to time that can save you a bunch of money!



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