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To He Who Waits posted by Jackson

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Good things will come.......


One thing that does not come naturally to me is patience. Coin collecting over the years has demanded that I learn patience however, for my own peace of mind as well as my check book.

With the growth of the internet influence on our hobby in the past few decades, it has become ever more tempting to just fill all of the "holes" in one's collection with the readily available selections on the dozens of websites and auctions. It requires a lot of self control for me to abstain from this and stick to my collecting principles.

One area that I have gotten good at is with modern issues. With a few exceptions, most issues will drop in price over the course of the year as demand for the items drop and dealer inventories need to be cleared out and renewed.

Since I am not trying to compete for any registry goals/awards with new issues, I have learned to bide my time. My latest acquisition is a prime example.

When the 4-coin silver 50th Anniversary Kennedy coins came out I found them very attractive and desired to own a graded set. To cut to the chase, I just received this 4 coin set all graded 69 ( SP,RP,EF,UC) and I paid with shipping $86.96. I believe that the coins were over $100+ with shipping direct and ungraded from the mint. I didn't save a bundle however that is not my point.

Since I wanted to eventually acquire a set to enjoy, own and pass on to posterity it only made sense for me to simply wait for the price drop. On the other hand, certain issues I do call directly from the mint on the release dates--the gold 100 year anniversary coins of 2016, the Ultra High Relief Gaudens, etc as these coins are in such limited mintage in contrast to demand that the price will likely grow instead of drop.

So here they are, and every bit worth the wait. On a personal note, I really like the enhanced finish coin from this set the most. Such a beautiful, clean looking coin with frosty and reflective finish.



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Those coins are really attractive! Nice job getting them at a good price. I'm a bit short on patience myself, there are many times that I could just kick myself. :pullhair:


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Hi David, thanks for your concern and I will share a bit of coin info/knowledge.


The 4 coin set is encompassed of 4 coins of different strikes. ONLY the bottom right coin is a true proof and the only one that says proof on the label.

The upper left is also a "proof" of sorts but is known as a reverse proof in which the fields are frosted/cameo and the designs are mirrored.

The upper right is a standard MS business strike from the Denver mint

The bottom left is the "enhanced finish" which I am fond of. It appears to have the cameo devices, however the fields appear to be a combination of a lightly frosted, or highly polished MS coin--very attractive in hand.


I hope this helps--as you will see if you look more closely at the labels ( and I don't recall ever saying they were all proofs) the Rev Proof, a PF69 UCAM, and two SP69's ( stands for "special")


PS: and no, you could never get coins at this price from heritage--the buyer's fee and shipping cost alone would have been an additional $31 even if I had won one of their "auctions" at the price I purchased these for.......

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That is a SWEET set Jackson!! I still have not obtained a set of them. Of course being the MODERN NUT that I am in time I will have a set too.

My long wait this month has been a submission of parks quarters. 3 weeks sitting at NGC and still listed as received. Won't be long now as they rarely sit for a complete month. :)



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