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Charmy's September 2015 LONG BEACH COIN SHOW REPORT w/tons of Pics!!!

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Those of you who have been reading my coin show reports know that reporting about what’s going on in the market, how the big coins did at the auction, the bullion market, what was hot, etc. is NOT really what my show reports are about. I make no apologies for my so-called “fluffy pancake” reports with photos of the people I see, the displays and exhibits at the shows, the club meetings I attend, the dinners and all the wining and dining photos, etc. I feel there is room for both types of reporting. So I will continue to post photos of the all fun, food, wine, AND any “fluffy pancakes” I can find! ;-)




This year’s Long Beach was better than the last show, but I received mixed reviews from the dealers with whom I spoke who said the show was just “ok.” Even though there were a lot of people at the show on Thursday, for me, I didn’t do much business. Friday was the opposite and was very busy for me so overall I ended up having a pretty good show.


Set up at the Long Beach show was on a post-rain storm, fresh, crystal clear, gloriously bright and sunny Wednesday at noon.
















Luckily for all of us, the huge much-needed storm California received ended Tuesday night or all of us waiting for the doors to open out on the loading dock would have been completely drenched!






Set up day went smoothly and I once again did most of my purchasing this day, including lots of new raw coins.




Since we seem to be creatures of habit, we went to our favorite usual Wednesday night restaurant – Café Piccolo’s.




As usual, we each brought a nice bottle of wine to share and taste.




The wine went well with this very tasty and spicy goat cheese chicken dish.




Thursday morning I took a few minutes to view the fantastic Pogue collection set up at the Stacks Bowers’ table.








By mid-morning, the bourse was very full and active






A dealer friend of mine from whom I bought my War Eagle Slot machine a few months ago also had a very cool trade stimulator bubble gum machine that I couldn’t resist. It goes very well with my slot machine!










This same dealer also had this beautiful Wizard Fortune Teller machine, and although I would have liked to add it to my coin-operated machine collection, I decided not to pull the trigger on it.




Thursday afternoon, while Rick was at my table, an interesting thing happened. A dealer who regularly sets up at the Long Beach show, brought a 1909 PCGS MS66+ Red Indian cent to Rick to see if he was interested in buying it. Rick immediately recognized it as one that was “purchased” from him a few months ago by a woman who used a stolen credit card – the coin still had Rick’s sticker on the back!! Rick had his iPad with him and pulled up the coin showing it was stolen, along with the postal report and other relevant information about the theft to show the dealer. He even offered to pay the dealer what that dealer had paid when he bought the coin from Rick’s customer thief. The dealer became hesitant and wanted to think about it. So Rick asked me to hold the coin until it could be sorted out.


In the meantime, I asked a lawyer friend of mine his opinion as to who had ownership of the coin. He said the dealer never had legal ownership of coin since the customer thief had technically stolen the coin and never had legal possession or rights to sell it, so the coin was legally Rick’s. My lawyer friend said he would be glad to “mediate” the dispute between the two dealers. I’m not sure if Rick and the dealer did this, but the next day Rick said he bought the coin back from the dealer for what the dealer said he paid the customer thief- $1,000.


For me, it was a weird coincidence that the same coin stolen from Rick in Tucson who shipped the coin to someone in this Midwest a few months back would wind up at a show in California and be offered back to Rick. And I have to give Rick a ton of credit and respect for doing the honorable thing, even though he didn’t legally have to, and reimbursing the dealer the money he had paid for the coin. I don’t think this type of compromise occurs that often.






After the show ended on Thursday, again, we creatures of habit went to our usual Thursday night spot, along with several other dealers – Naple’s Ribs!




Naple’s Ribs regulars:










A pair of Snows – Rick and Cindi (no relation)!




Ribs and brisket




A full rack of ribs!




Friday – started out slowly but sure ramped up as the day went on. It was my best Long Beach day in a long time!


It’s not very often that I get to see a 1969 DDO – this one was offered for sale to me but was a little too pricey for my current budget.




And……. Guess who’s back in numismatics…… li lol Nina!!! She’s now working at Emerging Market Group/Roque Gallery of Beverly Hills. That’s her drinking her huge bottle of lemon water!




Some of the folks who stopped by to say hi


Lance/lkeigwin (sorry I caught Lance blinking!)




Matt Powell/Billygoat




Ryan Moretti (formerly of Stacks Bowers, now at PCGS)




Me and my “gang” enjoyed this bottle of Callaway Syrah




Just before the show ended on Friday, a dealer walked up to my table and offered me these 16 fascinating original police mug shots from the 1890’s. There were no famous criminals but there were two women, and the reverse of the photo cards had very interesting information about the criminal, their physical appearance, their crime, the arresting officer, etc.


















I asked the dealer if I could take them with me overnight to do some research and he agreed to let me have them. So I took them to dinner with me to show a couple of the dealers to see if they had any information on their value.


A large group of us went over to King’s Fish House for dinner, which is just up the street. On the way, we passed by this Greek Restaurant and caught Matt Chapman, Don Perlman, and Rick Snow having dinner. I showed them the cards and they too were as intrigued as I was.




There were 9 of us at King’s for dinner, 7 of whom brought bottles of wine to share.






I decided since I already bought the trade stimulator that I'd pass on buying the cards, but one of my dealer friends that I showed them to was very happy to buy the group.



Saturday is what I call “family day” where a lot of people bring their kids to take part in the treasure hunt, the scouts often work on their coin collecting merit badge, and families just like to peruse the dealers wares. Here is the pirates’ table!




This is David with PCGS




I walked over to Logan of VAMS & More’s table and found Logan hard at work!




It was his daughter, Cindi’s birthday and I knew he had ordered a cake, flowers, etc. so I wanted to wish Cindi a happy birthday!




Cindi working with Paul at the ANACS table in her birthday princess tiara and wand!










Saturday ended up being pretty busy until about 1pm when about half the dealers were either already packed up or starting the process. I left about 4pm and headed home to my awaiting hubby and of course my sweet chubby Penny!!




Next up is the Buena Park show in two weeks, then the PNNA Portland show.



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