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Type Sets

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Disclaimer** Please take this post for the humor with which it was intended.


I have come to the conclusion that Type Sets were created for collectors who suffer from PCD (Pretty Coin Disorder). I definitely suffer from it and recently started a Type Set Collection. My internal dialogue with Ebay goes something like this.....


Me: Wow, that's a gorgeous coin...

Ebay: Buy it.


Me: I'm not collecting that series...

Ebay: Buy it.


Me: I couldn't afford to finish that set. A lot of those coins are out of my price range.

Ebay: Buy It!


Me: I have these other sets that I'm working on.

Ebay: It will be great for a Type Set....


Me: YES!!!!



In all seriousness, there are a ton of coins out there that have great histories and stories attached to them. Unless you have a bank account that rivals Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, collecting all of them is unrealistic.


For me, my Type Set is a fun set that I can add coins to over time if I see a great deal or want a break from another set I have been working on.


If you suffer from PCD (Pretty Coin Disorder), you among friends here. Feel free to share your story. lol





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I know exactly what you are talking about as I have in a manner of speaking stated as much in my last post. There are lots of coins I've bought "just because" they are pretty. For instance, last year I bought the special finish Sacagawea dollar direct from the mint for no other reason than, "just because."


Unfortunately, if a "just because" coin doesn't fit into one of my specifically defined sets, I eventually end up selling it, sometimes at a loss. Oh well, I accept this as part of the "cost" of being a coin collector. It's not that I'm happy about taking losses, but as far as hobbies go, it is somewhat cheaper than the depreciating assets of boats and hunting gear. At least many of our coinage pursuits hold their own.


Yes, there are many carrots out there to tempt us and purchasing coins on line is way too easy, with e-bay being the easiest. I guess it's as the Borg say, "Resistance is futile!" Oh well, I'm enjoying it, so let the frivolous purchases continue. (Only just as long as it doesn't get out of hand).


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Great posts!


I've resisted the urge to buy type coins, b/c I want to focus on my series, but it can be very difficult. I have the same difficulty, when I see a nice common date and am trying to save for the keys and semi-keys---that can drive me NUTS!


We just do the best that we can and ENJOY the ride. ;)

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I got PCD....and love it!!!! I almost always prefer Gem PCs in common dates over key-date dogs.... Key date or not, just can not stand looking at a rubbed up coin, and spending stupid money to get one, rather pay less for a superb common piece in a type set.

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Marcus, loved your post and I concur with your Pretty Coin Disorder diagnosis. I self-diagnised the same decades ago and such diagniosis has been confirmed by many who know me ever since. What can I say, I love beautiful coins. Enjoy it for all its worth, but especially for the beauty!

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